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Bike, Hike, and Kayak Asia: 5 Multi-Active Tours for All Fitness Levels

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Bike, Hike, and Kayak Asia: 5 Multi-Active Tours for All Fitness Levels

Lirene CilliersBy Lirene Cilliers   Posted 23rd Jan 2024

Does your heart crave the rhythm of a bicycle rolling along an undulating countryside road? Perhaps it's the rush from a river's whitewater that quickens your pulse, a pristine, mirror-like lake calling to be kayaked, or maybe it's the whispering secrets of hidden trails enticing you to unravel their mysteries on foot? 

Cycling has always been at the heart of what we do at Grasshopper Adventures, but our hearts are outdoors, and rare is the adventurer who only has one passion! That's why we're thrilled to unveil our latest multi-active tours! 

What are multi-active tours? 

Multi-active tours, also referred to as multi-adventure tours, are no ordinary excursions. They encapsulate an odyssey of different perspectives and experiences. 

With our multi-active tours, each day unravels a fresh layer of a destination. By cycling through its back roads, hiking its trails, and diving into its waters, you expose yourself to a diverse perspective on the local culture, scenery, and daily life that pulses in the heart of each location. 

With itineraries crafted to perfection to cater to diverse tastes, multi-adventure tours are designed to captivate all—the adventurous souls, the curious minds, and the joyous spirits. 

How fit should I be to embark on a multi-active tour? 

Now, let's talk about inclusivity. Our multi-active adventure tours aren't made for seasoned athletes; they're designed for everyone—from the keen cyclist to the leisurely stroller.  

We believe that age and fitness levels shouldn't be barriers to exploration. Whether you're an energetic soul or someone who enjoys a more relaxed pace, our itineraries cater to the diverse needs of every traveler. It's not about pushing limits; it's about enjoying the adventure. 

Why do a multi-active tour in Asia? 

Asia is a basket of contrasts, a harmonious symphony of alluring beaches, age-old jungles, and majestic peaks, each with its own unique climatic rhythm. With its tropical beaches and rolling green hills, Asia is a hiker's dream, a cyclist's haven, and an adventurer's paradise! 

Want to luxuriate in the tropical sun of Southeast Asia? Or perhaps enjoy the rejuvenating cool breeze of the highlands? From the ancient civilizations of Indochina to the laid-back friendliness of the Japanese countryside, Asia opens the door to endless adventures, where every season brings new opportunity. 

5 multi-adventure tours for all fitness levels 

Enjoy the perfect balance of engaging activities and well-deserved downtime on these five multi-adventure tours:

Sri Lanka Bike, Hike & Safari 

An exhilarating 8-day multi-active tour weaving through the heart of Sri Lanka. Pedal, hike, and safari your way across this vibrant land, immersing yourself in a fusion of culture, wildlife, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Your adventure starts at the ancient fortress of Sigiriya, guiding you through a diverse itinerary.  

From the historical marvels of Sigiriya, we seamlessly transition to idyllic beaches, navigate rolling tea plantations by bike, kayak the thrilling currents of the Kelani River, traverse wildlife-rich forests on foot, and embark on a safari to catch glimpses of Sri Lanka’s most iconic animals. 


  • Whitewater rafting in Kitulgala 
  • Hike up Little Adam’s Peak for tea plantation vistas 
  • Enjoy scenic highland rail transfers 
  • Pedal through Sigiriya’s lush countryside 
  • Uncover the mysteries of Dambulla’s caves 
  • Glimpse exciting wildlife on a jeep safari in Wilpattu National Park

This multi-active journey is an exotic medley of experiences, each day offering a fresh taste of the wonder that is Sri Lanka. Take a look at all the inclusions here

Vietnam Bike, Trek & Paddle 

Unlock the ultimate Vietnam adventure! Craft memories you'll treasure as pedals whirl beneath you, rolling through the Ba Na Hills. Submerge yourself in the vivid hues of marine life around Cham Island, a gem in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Trek through Vietnam's oldest national park, surrounded by centuries of growth. 

Peel back layers of time and tradition as you weave through the rich tapestry of ethnic cultures and let each paddle stroke across the serene Hoa Binh Lake sync your heart with the pulse of the land. 


  • Take an exciting ride through Ba Na Hills 
  • Pedal through Ninh Binh and visit Mua Cave, a UNESCO World Heritage site 
  • Trek through Cuc Phuong National Park 
  • Discover the diverse culture of Vietnam’s vibrant ethnic minorities 
  • Drift along the river on a bamboo raft 

A tour designed to awaken your senses with activity and engagement, this trip has a diverse range of outdoor activities designed to reveal Vietnam at its best, and forge a connection between you, the culture, and its people.  

Take a look at the inclusions for Vietnam Bike, Trek, and Paddle

Cambodia Bike, Hike, & Kayak

Experience the authentic charm of Cambodia by bike, hike, and kayak. This is not a box-ticking tour; it’s about delving beyond the regular sights, joining the laughter with Asia's warmest-hearted locals, and discovering the essence that makes Cambodia so captivating. 

Venture on two wheels into tranquil villages, where life is laid-back, and contentment is found in a fruitful crop, a bountiful fishing expedition, and the company of good neighbors. Paddle your way down the Mekong, sharing navigation with the celebrated freshwater dolphins. Witness the stunning contrast between organic and man-made marvels as you navigate the northern frontier bordering Laos and Thailand. 

Then, as a grand finale, traverse Angkor by bike and foot —an astonishing spectacle of ancient archaeological brilliance. 


  • Paddle among freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins 
  • Hike to the ancient ruins of Preah Vihear 
  • Dine in a local family home 
  • Bike enchanting forest trails around the Kingdom of Angkor 
  • Explore flooded mangrove forests 

A journey that promises more than sightseeing; it's a glimpse into the local heartbeat, a vivid exploration of a culture best seen from the saddle of a bike, the seat of a kayak, and the soles of your hiking boots. Bike, hike, and kayak your way through the inclusions of this tour

Taiwan Bike, Walk & Dumplings 

Embark on a 7-day epic adventure in enchanting Southern Taiwan. Amidst year-round magnificent weather, cycle through diverse terrains, hike breathtaking trails, and kayak through tranquil waters. 

But there's more! Standup paddleboarding and snorkeling add some more water-based excitement, for explorers of all generations and fitness levels. 

Savor the irresistible flavors of Taiwanese dumplings, unwind in blissful hot springs, and discover why Taiwan is often referred to as the “Hawaii of Asia”. 


  • Stand-up paddleboard on a serene lotus lake 
  • Hike through Kenting National Park 
  • Relax and rejuvenate in hot springs 
  • Visit the Japanese Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium 
  • Savor Taiwanese dumplings and enjoy a guided walk of Cijin Island 
  • Explore Taiwan’s Southern tip by bike 

This journey is more than an itinerary—it's a year’s worth of unforgettable experiences packed into one exhilarating week. Take a look at the inclusions here

Japan Bike, Walk, & Onsen 

Explore the scenic wonders of Japan by bike, foot, and kayak. From Fukuoka’s vibrant streets to Yufuin’s hot springs, embark on a journey that takes you through mountains, rivers, and historic towns. Then conclude in Nagasaki, home to delightful local treats and a captivating history.  


  • Explore the Mt. Aso Volcano crater on foot 
  • Cycle Japan’s top hot spring town, Beppu 
  • Learn about the impact of atomic warfare 
  • Relax in mud, sand, and natural onsens 
  • Kayak in Fukuoka area 
  • Cycle by Shimabara Castle, along the coastline, and tackle a hill climb to Unzen National Park 

This multi-active tour of Japan is the ideal blend of activities, relaxation, and exploration! The perfect way to experience the subtropical island of Kyushu in the country's southwest.  

The Unseen, the Unheard, the Unforgettable: 

Our commitment is to take you beyond the postcard views, introducing you to the unseen corners, the unheard stories, and the unforgettable moments that define Asia. 

With Grasshopper Adventures, you're not just a traveler; you're an explorer, discovering the hidden gems that make each destination a unique chapter in your personal story. 

So, are you ready to venture into the heart of Asia? With Grasshopper Adventures, every pedal, step, and paddle is an invitation to unlock the secrets of this vibrant continent. Get in touch with us and let your adventure begin! 

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