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Travel Safe with Grasshopper Adventures

Travel Safe with
Grasshopper Adventures

Feeling comfortable in your environment is important to fully enjoying your vacation. Life is never quite predictable, but we manage the variables so you can get on with enjoying your adventure. 

Our usual practice is to avoid large crowds, enjoy the outdoors and get off the beaten track, so that will always be a part of your “Grasshopper Experience”.


Review the state of travel in your destination of interest – Powered by Sherpa*Travel conditions can change please always check official sources before your travel


The travel landscape has changed considerably since we introduced our very first Covid-safe policies. We have seen all our destination countries reopen, most now without travel requirements. In line with this we have also discontinued our vaccine policy for tours.

The health of our guests, guides, and the communities we meet, is important at Grasshopper Adventures. So we still offer some recommendations:

  • Check travel requirements before your tour: These can change, and often differentiate by nationality. So it is the responsibility of all guests to be aware of their individual travel situation before a tour commences.
  • Bring a mask in case you need it: Some airlines, airports and private businesses may still request you use a face mask. Country regulations may also change, so we recommend you bring a comfortable mask in case it’s needed.
  • Pack hand sanitizer if you want it on-hand:  While sanitizer is readily available in all destinations, we recommend packing a small personal one if you wish to have it handy at all times.
The world continues to evolve and open up, and it’s incredibly pleasing to once again see people enjoying the massive rewards of traveling and connecting with others.

Thank you!

From the Grasshopper Team

Travel with extra confidence

Bangkok to Phuket tour group on beach

Small Groups

We have always preferred the personal touch you get with a small group. Our group sizes are some of the best around, so we haven’t had to change anything there.

Female Bicycle Mechanic in Japan


Transfer vehicles, bikes and other equipment that makes your active adventure possible are regularly cleaned, in addition to our normal maintenance and safety checks.


Family-style dining was always a fun part of the adventure and we’re doing our best to keep the spirit of this while following best practices for destinations and venues. You can always opt out of a meal if you wish and order to your room.

Private Rooms & Solo Travelers

Like that room to yourself? Good news! Wherever possible we’ve negotiated with hotel providers to reduce the cost of a single room and passed the saving on to you.

Hotels and Partners

As travel recommences, accommodation providers in all our destinations have brought in changes and undergone training on enhanced safety for guests and staff, in line with local regulations.

Monitoring & Support

You want to enjoy a vacation without keeping one eye on local developments, so let us look out for you. Our in-country teams are in the best position to monitor the situation on the ground both before and during your tour.

We love to get off the beaten track and away from overcrowded tourist hubs, but you are never far from our support. Our ground teams are trained for a broad range of scenarios, so you can relax and enjoy the special moments.

Monitoring and Support Vietnam

Your floating safe-haven

Our combined cycle and river cruise trips – known as Bike & Boat tours – come with an added level of peace of mind. While onboard the ship your cabins are cleaned and meals prepared by your onboard crew – trained to the same high standards as our Grasshopper teams. 

Open air, well-spaced, dining is the norm where climate permits, and cabins are individually air conditioned. This environment allows even more control over safety standards and best of all it’s a river ship, not an ocean liner, so you can step ashore daily with ease.

Read more about why our Bike & Boat tours offer extra peace of mind.

Pick your fellow travelers

Want complete freedom of choice when it comes to your travel companions or itinerary? We can accommodate private and custom group tour requests in many destinations. Get a group of friends, family or colleagues together to enjoy some memories of a lifetime.

If our existing itineraries don’t meet your needs, try submitting a Custom Tour request

Go independent, go Self-guided

Wish to travel more independently, but with the safety and convenience of our expert knowledge and emergency support? Self-guided tours offer the highlights of independent travel without the downsides. You get the flexibility and freedom of not being with a group, while all your luggage transfers, logistics, bike routes, equipment and hotel bookings are taken care of. Our next generation Self-guided app is the icing on the cake, serving as your pocket-sized guide along the journey.

Find out more about Self-guided touring with Grasshopper Adventures

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