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Bikes & Equipment

High Quality Bikes & Equipment

At Grasshopper Adventures, we pride ourselves on providing you with top quality bicycles, e-bikes, and cycling equipment to ensure your cycle tour through Asia goes as smoothly as possible. Take a look at the range of quality bikes we offer for each country and their features that provide the utmost comfort for your cycling journey.

In almost every destination we offer e-bikes as an optional extra, and in many cases, you can choose between a standard frame or a step-through frame for your e-bike. The step-through allows for easy mounting and dismounting from the bike to enhance rider confidence. In Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand we also currently offer premium bike upgrade options for riders who crave performance. 

Tour Bikes

Cannondale Quick 1 Disc

Available on tours in Japan and selected tours in Thailand.

The Cannondale Quick 1 Disc is a flat bar hybrid, with mid-width fast rolling tires and hydraulic discs for braking confidence whenever it’s needed. The Quick provides a smooth and comfortable ride, that is still quite nimble and fun when you want to lift the pace a notch. The lightweight frame and a reliable performance-geared Shimano 105 drivetrain will have you touring efficiently and happily across the country. 

Hybrid bikes are ideal for the riding conditions encountered in these destinations, where you can expect to ride well-maintained roads for the most part, with the occasional rougher surface.

Cannondale CX 3

Available on tours in Cambodia, Bhutan and selected tours in Vietnam, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The Cannondale CX3’s are well suited to the Grasshopper touring style and terrain typically encountered in locations where we use them. Fast and smooth rolling 700cc wheels, lockout front suspension and a riding position that offers a good balance of upright comfort and forward-riding efficiency make rides on regular, rough or unpaved roads a pleasant experience for everyone. A true do-it-all bike for touring, with a class-leading lightweight build and dependable hydraulic disc brakes.

Synapse Carbon Ultegra SE

Available as an upgrade on tours in Japan.

Upgrade your ride to our fleet of premium Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra SE’s. These durable carbon-frame bikes provide a responsive and highly satisfying ride but with a level of comfort that makes all road surfaces feel like tarmac. Exceptional handling paired with hydraulic disk brakes and 30c tires makes this bike a fantastic all-rounder that is perfect for lightweight touring in the conditions we encounter in Japan.

Tackle uphill climbs with ease and enjoy an ear-to-ear grin on the downhills and flats, on a ride that blends all-day comfort with race-inspired performance – Your ultimate touring companion in Japan!

Norco Search S2

Available on tours in Vietnam.

The next generation of steel performance. Forget steel frames of the past, at the Search’s core is a Reynolds 725 Chromoly frame which is significantly lighter than regular steel, but offers all the compliance and comfort touring riders love.

A day in the saddle on the Norco is a delight, as the carbon fork, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano GRX gearing and hybrid tires make this bike handle like a charm in all conditions.

Merida Matts 40 D

Available on tours in Sri Lanka.

These lightweight mountain bikes come with a lever to lock the suspension fork or shock unit, allowing for ease on bumpy terrain as well as sprints. With hydraulic disc brakes to make the downhills more secure, these bikes are great for touring.

Rikalau Audaz 325 Titanium

Available as an upgrade on tours in Taiwan.

For those who want a little more zip in their ride the Rikalau Audaz 325 Titanium road bike is available as an upgrade option on all tours in Taiwan. The titanium frame offers a sublime blend of comfort, responsiveness, and lightweight agility, that will have you cruising along the coast and through the valleys of Taiwan with a grin from ear to ear.

It’s very likely you’ll wish to purchase a titanium bike yourself by the end of the tour. The Ti frame is complemented by Shimano gearing, DT swiss wheels, and all the hardware to boost your riding experience to the next level – it’s the true road warrior to best explore Taiwan by bike. Now all that’s needed is you!

Merida Big Nine 60

Available on tours in Laos.

The Merida Nine 60 is the perfect platform for your two wheeled adventure, large tires and front suspension offer comfort for wrists and arms when encountering bumps and lumps.

The lightweight alloy frame and Shimano gearing will have you gliding through the countryside, and when you want to stop, the hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power at your fingertips.

Cannondale Trail Neo 2 E-bikes

Cannondale Trail neon 2 e-bike

Available on tours in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Cannondale Trail Neo is a durable, high quality and supremely comfortable e-bike. It features a power pack and drive unit from Bosch and is equipped with 10 speed Shimano gearing with plenty of range for all conditions.

The hydraulic disc brakes prevent any braking fatigue in your hands and front suspension prevents any wrist pain that can occur with e-bikes due to their slightly different weight distribution. It’s a great looking bike too, with a battery that is integrated into the frame and a nice, subtle color scheme. The bikes come in S, M & L, so will suit riders from 165cm to 186cm in height.

Cannondale Trail SL 4

Available on tours in Uzbekistan.

The Cannondale Trail SL 4 is built to handle the more rugged conditions we can encounter here, yet still be comfortable to ride on roads and trails alike. Front suspension and medium sized tires offer wrist comfort for longer rides.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power on downhill sections and an alloy frame helps keep weight in check for all-day riding pleasure.

Kona Lava Dome

Available on tours in Bhutan.

Kona Lava Dome is akin to a reliable companion, always ready for an adventure. It performs admirably on dirt trails and is equally efficient in an urban setting. It’s perfect for exploring local singletrack routes with its consistent performance. It is equipped with a user-friendly 9-speed drivetrain, a clutch rear derailleur, and an elegant internal cable routing and dropouts. The robust 29″ wheels can accommodate up to 2.6″ tires, making this bike prepared for all terrains. This makes it an excellent choice for bike touring.

Giant Explore E+ & Giant Liv Amiti E+

Available on tours in Taiwan – *Step-through option available.

The Giant Explore E+ which uses a standard frame, and the Giant Amiti E+ which comes with a step-through frame making it easier to mount and handle when not in motion. Both bikes are supremely comfortable to ride and are as at home exploring countryside roads as they are in an urban setting.

Front suspension helps smooth out road chatter, keeping your wrists from fatiguing through the day and providing smooth handling, while moderately sized touring tires are suitable for all conditions we encounter and also contribute to rider comfort. A long-lasting battery provides reliable power for even the longest ride days and is sleekly integrated into the frame so the bikes look as good as they feel to ride! The well-engineered Yamaha engines will have you grinning from ear to ear when you turn up the power and can be depended on for support when you encounter uphill sections.

Pedal Falcon E-bike & Pedal Lynx

Available on tours in Thailand and Vietnam – *Step-through option available.

Our newest e-bikes. The Lynx and Falcon both feature front suspension and generous sized tires to ensure you will be cruising comfortably across any terrain.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide confident stopping power on demand, and a sleek integrated battery adds to both form and function, with ride-all-day capacity (and power to spare!)

The Falcon comes in both step-through and standard crossbar options, and the Lynx is available to accommodate taller riders.

Kalosi Lanes Evo & Kalosi Miles

Available on tours in Bali.

The Kalosi Lanes Evo e-bike offers a great balance of touring comfort and practicality. Front suspension protects your hands and wrists throughout the day, smooth rolling tires offer speed and cushioning, a mid-step frame makes it easy to dismount for photo opportunities, and powerful disc brakes offer reassurance in any situation. At full charge, this bike can handle up to 185km which is more than enough to get you through any day, with some juice still left in the tank.

Kalosi Miles is an electric hybrid bike that combines durability, comfort and efficiency for longer, faster and more comfortable cycling on urban roads as well as uneven or semi-off-road terrain. Bringing extra comfort so that you can enjoy your trip for a long time and take you way far from home.

Yamaha Cross Core E-bike

Available on tours in Japan.

Designed for ultimate comfort and power with a class-leading lightweight frame – The Yamaha Cross Core combines the comfort of a touring bike with the enjoyment of a racier bike.

Cycle on your own or engage the pedal assist, which amplifies your pedal stroke to the desired degree, allowing you to fully enjoy your ride.

Safety features like disc brakes, built in headlight, e-bike specific drivetrain, and Yamaha’s exclusive integrated Speed Sensor mean you can tour with confidence.

Trek MT220 Kid Bike

Available on tours in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

This sturdy aluminum kid-sized mountain bike is made with twist shifters and a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain to allow young ones to have an easier time climbing and going the distance. Linear-pull brakes have powerful stopping power for the utmost safety to keep parents’ minds at ease.

Trek MT60 Boy Kid Bike

Available on tours in Thailand.

This light, aluminum-framed mountain bike features a suspension fork to make bumpy rides smoother as well as a 6-speed drivetrain. Powerful linear-pull brakes assist in providing utmost safety for young riders.


Wahoo Element

On all Featured and Self-guided tours we provide Wahoo ELEMNT bike computers for additional navigational support. These are the latest in user-friendly navigation tech from Wahoo Fitness. With Wahoo devices you will be able to track your progress and monitor your route. Beyond their basic setup, the geek-cyclists will find Wahoo ELEMNTs to be excellent data mining devices allowing to measure almost any aspect of the ride.


For families with young children, we provide these bike trailers that feature a comfortable seat and pedals for your young one to get involved in your active adventure. These trailers are safe, convenient, and fun to use and will allow you to bring the whole family along on tour.

Trek Tag-Along

For slightly older children, we have Tag-Alongs that function as a tandem bike and allow for kids to get involved without having to take on an entire cycling tour by themselves.

Included Gear on Tours

On each Grasshopper tour, cyclists will be provided with a bike, helmet, and bike bag to store valuables as they ride for the duration of the tour.

In addition, each cyclist will receive a high-quality cycling jersey from the country of their tour as well as a water bottle to take with them as a memento.

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