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North America and Australia Multi-Active Tours

Bringing it home

For both Steve and I, after all the years exploring the Asian continent designing tours that pushed the bar and the pedal, we couldn't have imagined how inspiring and exciting it would be to create these same experiences in our respective home continents of Australia and America.

Adam Platt-Hepworth Angkor moat

Adam Platt-Hepworth,
Australia Tour Design

Steve Grace Bio

Steve Grace,
Nth. America Tour Design

Why your experience is unforgettable

UNbeatable value

When you compare our trip offerings and the superior level of inclusions with others, you will see that there is a lot behind the ticket price, including: 

  • Character filled, unique accommodation offering a great night’s sleep
  • All meals, sourced locally, high in nutritional quality and prepared with love by local people
  • A guide ratio of 7:1 so you get plenty of time with these knowledgeable purveyors of information and facilitators of adventure
  • Quality bike, kayaks and associated equipment
  • Easy to use navigation equipment as a fallback to following the group
  • Vehicle support in case you need a break or aren’t feeling quite right on any given day

What else makes these tours special?

happy lady on bicycle

Attention to detail

We love details and that hasn’t changed, in fact maybe it’s as important as ever. In the space of a week you’ll hear the stories about people & places that bring a tour to life. You’ll taste authentic local cuisine and connect with nature. And, you will do all of this while uncovering the treasures of a site closer to home. 

Active adventures for all

An active holiday with us is a non-intimidating, achievable adventure where you will come home feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and as though you have accomplished something special and learned something new. There is something for everyone and you will find yourself riding, walking, possibly paddling and partaking in other activities too.

man cycling through light forrest
Couple hiking sunset

A lifelong memory daily

We have always said a Grasshopper Adventures’ tour is a transformative escape, a chance to disconnect from the daily cacophony and have time to reflect. So this is always going to mean, getting out into the natural world, spending less time in the hard edges of the built environment and enjoying fresh air, sunshine and the colors of nature.

Unique inns & Accommodation

We have sought out character-filled accommodation, avoiding the large scale resort properties on these adventures. Every single accommodation venue has been chosen deliberately for character, style, location or just because of the hosts. It might be some or all of these points, but we always have a reason for that selection.

Port Arthur Inn Hotel
Local wine expert

Genuine connection with Locals

Every adventure is made better by an opportunity to learn. Our experts are masters of their craft and friends of Grasshopper, covering a broad range of disciplines from culinary to craft. We worked alongside them to develop these tours as they are the human connection which brings a destination to life.


We have worked behind the scenes to bring you these active adventures in North America and Australia, delivering the Grasshopper concept and spirit to your doorstep. To craft these tours I have drawn on my local knowledge of Australia while for North America our US Brand Ambassador, Steve Grace, has played a key role. The Grasshopper team has several members from both countries and we are all excited to take these steps back to our homeland roots.

Adam Platt-Hepworth
Owner & Chief, Grasshopper Adventures

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