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Thailand Bike, Boat & Beach – Classic

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Thailand Bike, Boat & Beach - Classic

Bike & Boat Tour

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8 Days | 7 Nights



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Thailand River Cruise - Bike and boat, from the River Kwai to Koh Yao Islands

Journey from Bangkok to the beach on a relaxing river cruise and bike exploration that combines activity with a leisurely cruise on the River Kwai with a beach getaway. A fun itinerary is also provided for non-riding partners of cyclists. Pedal your way past rural farmland and the Thai-Burma Railway, ending up on the undiscovered paradise island of Koh Yao.

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Quality Bikes
Cannondale Quick 1 Disc or E-bikes

Your Guide
Friendly Thai team and special leader

Group Size
8 to 18

The RV River Kwai Boat & hotels

Ride/ walk/ kayak/ snorkel

Minimum Age
Kid friendly


This tour allows you to see the many facets of Thailand, starting with its capital: Bangkok. Cycling back roads through this vibrant hub of activity, we’ll get to know Bangkok pretty well and taste some of its famous street eats! From here we head to Kanchanaburi, a town in western Thailand that was the subject of one of the most audacious and ultimately tragic Japanese initiatives of World War II.

Not only will our cycling exploration provide us with scenic vistas and cultural sites, but it will allow for historical immersion as well. We’ll pedal down a mix of sealed and unsealed roads, over a suspension bridge, to historic sites such as Hellfire Pass aptly named for the difficulty of conditions endured by the laborers who built it, and take a ride on a section of the original Thai-Burma Railway. Non-cyclists will enjoy taking in these sites as well, in addition to other activities while the riders are out on the bikes.

Our tour rounds up on the idyllic surroundings of Koh Yao, complete with a blissful stay on an island resort, and cycling exploration of the island as well as other water and land activities. Discover the history and culture of Thailand, combined with physical exploration and a relaxing beach vacation on this eight-day tour.

127 Km riding. This tour does feature some hills, but they are more of the undulating, rolling nature than the sustained climbing nature. You are on a mixture of well-paved roads and some hard-packed, gravel/dirt roads that make up about 20% of the total riding.

Pedal-assist E-bike will be an available option for this tour, departing from 15 Feb 2020 onwards, for $175 surcharge.


See Bangkok at night from the seat of your bike with an exciting tour to major sites and tasty street food.

Cycle the 13th century Muang Sing ruins before returning to the ship for a relaxing river cruise with great views.

Pedal back roads around Koh Yao for an exploration of tropical life and sparkling beaches.

Spend a day in paradise, kayaking or snorkeling in the clear waters of Koh Yao or taking a walk through the jungle.

Day to Day


Welcome to Bangkok: the fast-paced capital city of Thailand. Here we will meet at our hotel at 3 pm before hitting the bikes for a night tour of this endlessly fascinating city.

Once we’ve crossed the Chao Phraya River by ferry with a nice sunset view, we’ll saddle up our bikes and cycle the back roads to Wat Arun. This Temple of the Dawn is spectacular at night, with small lights illuminating its tall spires and no crowds of tourists that clog the site during the day.

From here, it’s on to the world-famous Bangkok flower market where we’ll stop to admire the various blossoms and even try some tasty street food. Next, it’s back on the bikes to pedal to another pagoda, Wat Pho, for a wander around its impressive mosaics. A great first night and introduction to Thailand. Non-riders will have the opportunity to visit these main sites in another form of transport.


This morning we’ll transfer to Kanchanaburi, about 3-4 hours before we set off on two wheels to visit Jeath museum. The JEATH War Museum was founded on July 24, 1977. It is dedicated to the prisoner of war involved in the construction of the Death Railway. This museum is an open area exhibiting their life and suffering of POW sacrificing their lives for the Railway.

Then we will visit the “Don Rak” cemetery. The cemetery contains the remains of 6,982 Allied prisoners of War who perished during the construction of the “Death Railway”. And visit River Kwai Bridge before we stop for lunch break.

After devouring a tasty Thai lunch, we’ll cycle to our boat for the first part of our boat adventure. Today’s route takes us along the river, through farmland where a variety of crops are harvested, including corn, rice, sugar cane, and asparagus.

The RV River Kwai is a colonial-style river cruiser complete with teakwood cabins to provide a leisurely cruise experience. You only have to unpack once, as we will make our way back to the ship after each day of cycling for a comfortable ride on the River Kwai with great views.


This morning we start off with a ride to Prasart Muang Singh (“Muang Singh Castle”) is an ancient site located in the westernmost side of Thailand. Influenced by Khmer religion and culture during the 18th Buddhist Century (Khmer art in Bayon style), Prasat Muang Singh was built as a temple of the Mahayana Buddhist. Along the way, we will pass farmlands, ricefields, tapioca and many vegetable gardens.

After lunch, we will transfer back to our ship for another night on the River Kwai.


Today will be a long day as we will have to wake up early and leave the cruise (take away breakfast) to catch the train to Nam Tok train station, the modern-day end of the train line that used to stretch all the way to Myanmar.

We will pedal on dirt-roads and tackling a bit of uphill climb then enjoy the descent. We cycle through local villages, farmlands, teak trees, palm and rubber plantations before getting to Hellfire Pass for a museum visit. The pass is noted for the harsh conditions and heavy loss of life suffered by its laborers during construction. Hellfire Pass is so-called because the sight of emaciated prisoners laboring at night by torchlight was said to resemble a scene from Hell.

After lunch we transfer back to our ship, with a cool drink in hand, you can reflect on these past three days of exploration, cycling a region infamous for its bridge and railway line but with rewards to reap that extend beyond just a history lesson.


Time to leave the barge this morning, we will transfer to Don Mueng airport to catch our flight to Koh Yao. We’ll arrive at 5 pm and check into our hotel that is aptly named Paradise Koh Yao. Our accommodation, set into the tropical wilderness of this less-visited island, is just a few steps away from the white sand and clear water and features a saltwater infinity pool in the shade of palm trees. Spend your evening in this blissful atmosphere rejuvenating your body for the day of cycling to come.


Let's saddle up on the bikes to explore this peaceful island! We’ll cycle unsealed back roads towards the center of the island, taking in the fresh salt air and tropical jungle life along the way. After a satisfying morning ride, the rest of the day is yours to make the most of this idyllic island holiday with a dip in the pool or Phang Nga Bay.


Time to soak up the sun with a day of active water adventure. Hop in kayaks to explore the serene waters of Koh Yao from a different perspective, then adjust your snorkel and check out what lies below the surface.

Those less interested in the water can take a trek in the jungle, or master the subtleties of Thai spices with a cooking class. Whatever activity you choose, you’re sure to have fun in the sun on our last day together.


Our tour concludes today on Koh Yao, so feel free to enjoy the island for a few more days, or we can assist you with your further travel arrangements. The nearest International Airport is in Phuket.

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This combination of bike, boat and beach holiday is unique to Grasshopper, and we’ve created this tour so there is something for everyone, cyclists or non-riders alike. We’ve crafted this itinerary to take you from the capital city through the countryside to places of historical interest before making our way to the quiet, blissful Koh Yao for a few days of fun in the sun. There is so much variety in this tour, as well as a comfortable cruise, incredible Thai food, and fun cycling that you will come away with a greater appreciation for Thailand and its culture and beauty.


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