Travel Styles

Grasshopper Adventures is all about unique styles of travel
so hop on your bike for a holiday with a difference. 

Bicycle touring is the original Grasshopper style. We think getting out on a bike is one of the best ways to see a country in a slow personal way while still being able to travel reasonable distances. The great joy of this style of travel is that you can set your own pace, stopping for a photo or a chat when you feel like it. While we do visit the 'big ticket' destinations on these tours, highlights always include the little out of the way places that most visitors never stop at - a tiny village market, a local wedding or a village that barely makes it to a map but has a little guesthouse that we overnight in. If you want to experience a country from a very non-tourist perspective this is the way to go. 

All our trips are lead by friendly, knowledgeable and well-spoken guides. On the majority of our tours we use a support vehicle to carry our luggage, water and snacks supply, and anyone that wants to take a break from the riding. In this way riders of all abilities can still come along on the same trip and enjoy travelling by bike. You certainly don't have to be a triathlete to do one of our trips (although a bit of training certainly helps). 

Day Tours

Full and Half Day Tours
A different perspective

Visiting Asia and looking for a day out on the bike? Or perhaps you are an irregular cyclist but want to get a different perspective on the city you are visiting? If so our Day Tours are the perfect day out. These rides are, in our opinion, the best way to delve into the back streets of a city to see things from a whole different point of view.

Some of our Day Tours include: 

Angkor sunrise with Grasshopper Adventures

Angkor Sunrise Discovery

Full day tour in Siem Reap
Sunrise over Angkor Wat is just the beginning...

Siem Reap Countryside Ride - Grasshopper Adventures

Siem Reap Countryside Ride

Half day tour in Siem Reap
Discover the countryside beyond the Angkor temples...

Bangkok Night Bike - Grasshopper Adventures

Bangkok Night Bike

Evening tour in Bangkok
Cycle the back streets of Bangkok to visit some of its most famous sights after dark, crowd free...

Charming Chiang Mai - Grasshopper Adventures

Charming Chiang Mai

Full day tour in Chiang Mai
Explore the main temples and markets of the city on two wheels...

Bike Brilliant Bagan - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Brilliant Bagan

Half day tour in Bagan
Explore the temple-strewn plain of Bagan on two wheels...

Grasshopper Adventures - Cu Chi Tunnels Bike & Boat

Cu Chi Tunnels Bike & Boat

Full day tour from Saigon
Take a speedboat ride upriver, then bike to the Cu Chi tunnels...

Silk Islands of Phnom Penh with Grasshopper Adventures

Silk Islands at Twilight

Half day tour in Phnom Penh Discover the beauty of the Mekong islands near Cambodia's capital at dusk...

Bike the Angkor temples with Grasshopper Adventures

Bike the Angkor Temples

Full day tour in Siem Reap
The quintessential cycling tour of the Angkor temples...

Bike Historic Bangkok - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Historic Bangkok

Half day tour in Bangkok
See a very different side to the city as you discover some of Bangkok's hidden sites...

Chiang Mai Food Adventures by Bike - Grasshopper Adventures

Chiang Mai Food Adventures by Bike

Evening tour in Chiang Mai
Discover the wonders of traditional Lanna Cuisine...

Magnificent Mandalay Mornings - Grasshopper Adventures

Magnificent Mandalay Mornings

Half day tour in Mandalay
Escape the hustle and bustle of the dusty city...

Grasshopper Adventures - Mekong Delta in a Day

Mekong Delta in a Day

Full day tour from Saigon
Cycle the Mekong Delta, rich with tradition and gorgeous scenery... 

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Short Tours

2 to 7 days
The perfect element to add into a longer holiday

If you have a little less time on your hands or are planning a trip with lots of elements, one of our short break cycle trips should fit in nicely. Designed to be part of a longer holiday rather than a complete trip in itself. With an experienced Grasshopper guide and a support vehicle on hand these short trips explore a smaller area in just a few days. 

Some of our Short Tours include:

Cycle Angkor to the Sea - Grasshopper Adventures

Cycle Angkor to the Sea

7 days in Cambodia
An unforgettable way to travel from Angkor to the south coast...

Mountains of Laos - Grasshopper Adventures

Mountains of Laos

5 days in Laos
The Plain of Jars, Vang Vieng and Vientiane, via some of the most amazing scenery in SE Asia...

Cruising the Coast to Samui - Grasshopper Adventures

Cruising the Coast to Samui

5 days in Thailand
Cycle down the beautiful east coast to the Gulf of Thailand...

Mekong Delta in Style - Grasshopper Adventures

Mekong Delta in Style

3 days in Vietnam
Delicious food, stunning scenery and 2 nights luxury hotel accommodation...

Kingdoms of the Irrawaddy - Grasshopper Adventures

Kingdoms of the Irrawaddy

6 days in Myanmar
Experience rural Myanmar on the way from Mandalay to Bagan...

Sri Lanka by Bike

Sri Lanka by Bike

7 days in Sri Lanka
Ride the winding roads, through the tea clad hills of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka...

West Tonle Sap Trail: Phnom Penh to Angkor - Grasshopper Adventures

West Tonle Sap Trail: Phnom Penh to Angkor

3 days in Cambodia
Exactly what it says in the name...

Slow Road to Angkor - Grasshopper Adventures

Slow Road to Angkor

5 days in Thailand & Cambodia
The only worthwhile way to travel between Bangkok and Siem Reap is on two wheels...

Bridge Over the River Kwai - Grasshopper Adventures

Bridge Over the River Kwai

3 days in Thailand     
The bridge, the infamous railway, ancient temples & countryside...

Saigon to Hanoi Express - Grasshopper Adventures

Saigon to Hanoi Express

7 days in Vietnam      
Beautiful beaches, rice fields, World Heritage sites, villages...

Cycle Mandalay to Bagan - Grasshopper Adventures

Cycle Mandalay to Bagan

3 days in Myanmar
Ride from the second largest city to the main heritage location..

Bike Bhutan - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Bhutan

7 days in Bhutan
A week cycling and exploring the highlights of Bhutan: Paro, Thimpu & Punakha ...

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Long Tours

8 to 15 days
A complete holiday in itself

Our long tours are designed to be a holiday in themselves, although they don't have to be! With a longer duration they are able to delve deeper into the destinations they visit. With an experienced Grasshopper guide and a support vehicle on hand Long Tours typically include accommodation at the start and end points of the tour in addition to arrival and departure transfers.

Some of our Long Tours include:

Kingdoms of the North - Grasshopper Adventures

Kingdoms of the North

8 days in Thailand
An overland adventure through Thailand's earliest kingdoms..

Lao Lao - Grasshopper Adventures

Lao Lao

14 days in Laos
The classic cycling tour of northern Laos with hill-tribes, mountain views and temples...

Karma Cambodia - Grasshopper Adventures

Karma Cambodia

14 days in Cambodia
The essential Cambodia cycling trip: friendly faces, delicious food, rich culture and history...

Inle, the Shan Hills & Bagan - Grasshopper Adventures

Inle, the Shan Hills & Bagan

8 days in Myanmar
From Inle Lake, through the Shan Hills to the temples of Bagan...

Nepal Panorama - Grasshopper Adventures

Nepal Panorama

12 days in Nepal      
Pokhara to Kathmandu via Chitwan in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas...

Cycle Serendib - Grasshopper Adventures

Cycle Serendib

14 days in Sri Lanka
Discover the rich history, culture, and amazing cycling that this small but diverse country offers...

Thailand North & South - Grasshopper Adventures

Thailand North & South

10 days in Thailand
From the northern hills to the beautiful southern beaches...

The Bangkok to Saigon Explorer - Grasshopper Adventures

The Bangkok to Saigon Explorer

15 days in Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam
Bangkok to Saigon says it all...

Highlands & Coast of Vietnam - Grasshopper Adventures

Highlands & Coast of Vietnam

7 days in Vietnam
Dalat, Nha Trang and up the coast to charming Hoi An...

Myanmar Magic - Grasshopper Adventures

Myanmar Magic

13 days in Myanmar      
A classic cycling tour of Myanmar taking in all the highlights of Yangon and the north...

Land of the Thunder Dragon - Grasshopper Adventures

Land of the Thunder Dragon

13 days in Bhutan
Cycle the Himalayas in this little visited and mystical kingdom ...

Bike Taiwan - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Taiwan

10 days in Taiwan
A classic ride taking in Taiwan's beautiful east coast, hot springs and stunning Taroko Gorge...

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Family Tours

4 to 13 days
Fun, healthy and educational holidays for the family

If you are travelling with your family, and fancy doing something a little more adventurous and active for your holidays you'll find that Grasshopper has a great, and ever expanding, range of family tours for you and your brood. Less emphasis is placed on cycling on our Family Tours with shorter riding days and plenty of off-the-bike activities to keep the kids engaged. Well supported, with a friendly guide and backup vehicle always on hand, the emphasis is always on safety. We have tag-along bikes for 4-6 year olds and child seats for younger kids. Helmets are of course supplied and mini versions of our beautiful souvenir Grasshopper cycling jerseys are available for the youngsters.  

And if you are worried about the exotic cuisine of Asian lands, we know that kids can be picky when it comes to food so our tour leaders always have some tricks up their sleeve to counter this.

Our Family Tours include:

Bike Cambodia for Families - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Cambodia for Families

7 day tour in Cambodia
Take the family on a healthy and adventurous trip in Cambodia...

Treasures of Sri Lanka for Families - Grasshopper Adventures

Treasures of Sri Lanka for Families

3 day tour in Sri Lanka
Culture, wildlife, history and scenery all in three days...

Vietnam Family Christmas - Grasshopper Adventures

Vietnam Family Christmas

13 day tour in Vietnam
A fun Christmas adventure in Vietnam on 2 wheels...

Myanmar Family Adventure - Grasshopper Adventures

Myanmar Family Adventure

13 day tour in Myanmar
A fun trip for the whole family, taking in the main highlights ...

Family Christmas in Laos - Grasshopper Adventures

Family Christmas in Laos

10 day tour in Laos
North to south, the ultimate family tour through Laos...

Angkor for Families - Grasshopper Adventures

Angkor for Families

4 day tour in Cambodia
Siem Reap is known for the Angkor monuments but there is more to it than just temples...

Little Laos Family Adventure - Grasshopper Adventures

Little Laos Family Adventure

5 day tour in Laos
Explore in and around Luang Prabang & Nong Khiaw...

Bangkok to Samui for Families - Grasshopper Adventures

Bangkok to Samui for Families

5 day tour in Thailand
A fun family holiday riding down the east coast to the islands...

Vietnam for Families - Grasshopper Adventures

Vietnam for Families

7 day tour in Vietnam
An exciting variety of experiences awaits you on the back paths and trails of Vietnam....

Bike Sri Lanka for Families - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Sri Lanka for Families

7 day tour in Sri Lanka
The historic sites of the plains and scenery of the hill country...

Chiang Mai Family Cycling Discovery - Grasshopper Adventures

Chiang Mai Family Cycling Discovery

4 day tour in Thailand
Discover Chiang Mai and the surrounding countryside...

Family Fun on the Road to Koh Chang - Grasshopper Adventures

Family Fun on the Road to Koh Chang

5 day tour in Thailand
A family adventure cycling from Bangkok to Koh Chang...

Pioneering Tours

6 to 14 days
Taking discovery to the next level...

Grasshopper Adventures Pioneering Tours take you on the road less travelled. To remote locations far from the common tourist destinations, where adventure awaits at every pedal stroke. These tours are not necessarily physically harder, but are definitely for the more adventurous cyclist.

Being a pioneer does not mean that you will sacrifice quality of service, with our usual high standard of guiding and support always provided, although sometimes in these remote locations there will be limited accommodation options, and sometimes we may even camp... All in the name of incredible, once in a lifetime experiences.

As well as our wonderful local guides and mechanics, whose wealth of knowledge and experience will keep you on the right track, on all of our Pioneering Tours you are accompanied by one of our experienced professional Expedition Leaders. These expert guides will help smooth out any little bumps in the tour that may happen in these remote locations.

Current, well maintained and serviced, main brand bikes are provided, ranging from road-bikes to hard-tails, and even full suspension. These will have slight tire modifications that relate to the terrain, comfort seat, and handlebar bag options available.

If you are interested in any of our locations, would like to inquire about a private tour or larger group size, or have a destination in mind that doesn't feature on our website, please contact our Expedition Engineer Blair Coburn at  to discuss the endless possibilities available. 

Our Pioneering Tours include:

North Vietnam Road Cycling Epic - Grasshopper Adventures

North Vietnam Road Cycling Epic

10 day tour in Vietnam
A mountainous road ride for those who love a challenge...

Hilltribes of Ha Giang Plateau - Grasshopper Adventures

Hilltribes of Ha Giang Plateau

7 day tour in Vietnam
An expedition by bike into the mountainous northeast...

Mountains & Beaches: Ha Giang to the Coast - Grasshopper Adventures

Mountains & Beaches

13 day tour in Vietnam
A tour of ultimate contrasts from the rugged north to the inviting beaches of the central coast...

Spiritual Shangri-La - Grasshopper Adventures

Spiritual Shangri-La

14 day tour in China
Mystical Shangri-La, stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge and the old town of Lijiang ...

Uz-biking-stan with Grasshopper Adventures


14 day tour in Uzbekistan 
A true adventure in the mountain gorges and desert oases of central Asia....

Cycle Angkor to Hoi An - Grasshopper Adventures

Cycle Angkor to Hoi An

14 day tour in Cambodia & Vietnam
A great overland adventure...

Grasshoppers of Mongolia - Grasshopper Adventures

Grasshoppers of Mongolia

13 day tour in Mongolia
Get out to the far corners of Asia in the open spaces of Mongolia...

Mighty Mustang - Grasshopper Adventures

Mighty Mustang

13 day tour in Nepal
Ride through the dramatic landscapes of Upper Mustang to the lost Kingdom of Lo....

North by Northeast - Grasshopper Adventures

North by Northeast

9 day tour in Thailand
Head off into the mountainous borderlands by the mighty Mekong River...

Stunning Shikoku - Grasshopper Adventures

Stunning Shikoku

14 day tour in Japan
Cycle through a land of ancient castles, Shinto shrines and Buddhist monasteries...

Wild Cambodia: Angkor & Beyond - Grasshopper Adventures

Wild Cambodia: Angkor & Beyond

6 day tour in Cambodia
Discover Cambodia beyond the temples on amazing single track..

Bike Timor Leste - Grasshopper Adventures

Bike Timor Leste

14 day tour in Timor Leste
A true mountain biking adventure in the lost paradise of Asia's youngest country...

Create Your Own Tour

A fully tailor-made service

Don't see the tour that you want, or are interested in one of the trips on our website but the dates just don't fit? Let us know and we can always custom design something to suit you, or put on an unscheduled departure of an existing tour, to suit your dates (subject to minimum group size requirements).

Contact us to design your perfect trip at