Self-guided cycle tour of southern Thailand
The term 'Southern Thailand' evokes different images and ideas for different people, but for cyclists it means enjoyable riding on well-made traffic-free roads, along beautiful coastline and through scenic national parks. All fuelled by some delicious Thai food.
This self-guided bicycle tour runs from Bangkok to Phuket.

Self-guided bike tour Thailand route map

Interested in how Grasshopper Self-guided bike tours work? See our introduction video below or read more about self-guided tours in detail.

This is what cycling holidays were meant to be! This ride will take you along both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, on quiet back roads through the photogenic countryside and along sleepy shorelines. Along the way, you'll cross the peninsula through the wondrous Khao Sok National Park before continuing all the way to Phuket. Sun, sand, sea and cycling - what better way to enjoy 10 days of bike touring?

Like the itinerary but short on time? Contact our Travel Experience team directly for a bespoke itinerary that fits your needs.

Peak Season: For tours commencing from December 23 through January 3 there is a peak season surcharge of 15% on the price of this tour due to hotel rate increases at this time of year.

Tour details

$1990 USD

11 days duration

585 km distance

Difficulty: Moderate

Deposit payment: $700 USD
Single room option: $750 USD
Tour code: SGTB16

Solo rider option: $1460

Trip Features & Tour Inclusions

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Self-guided App - Bike tour App Asia

Hopper App

Our dedicated Grasshopper Self-guided Adventures app combines navigating technology with visual and audio descriptions of points of interest along your routes, and can be hosted on all Android and iOS devices. The app contains your detailed tour route, podcasts with background information on the regions you will pass through, plus an audio commentary describing points of interest along the way. It also provides dining suggestions along your routes as well in destination locations, with translated menu recommendations. Furthermore, it will provide a  and voiced glossaries of common phrases and words, which you can use to find rapport with locals.
On request we can provide iPads if you don’t wish to use your own mobile device.

Lynskey Cooper titanium bike

Bike Upgrade

Grasshopper Self-guided tours are run with our reliable fleet of all-purpose hybrids and mountain bikes, but depending on availability, and for additional fee, our Premium Self-guided offering in Thailand includes handmade Lynskey Cooper titanium bikes. 
Recognized worldwide for their quality, Lynskey's have been chosen for Grasshopper's Self-guided tours for their all-round reliability and lightweight but 'bomb-proof' titanium frames. They are built to go anywhere and on any terrain with confidence. For those who are accustomed to riding on drop bars, these bikes will be a lasting memory of the experience.
Upgrade availability is limited, after making your online booking our support team will follow-up requesting your bicycle preference (Lynskey Titanium or regular).

Self-guided Bike tours with Quality Hotels and beds

Good Beds

We choose hotels not just based on star ratings, but for their character, comfort, charm and their ability to work with us to make your journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Self Guided gives us booking flexibility that we don’t usually have with large group tours, so this offer is expanded with some really unique venues. In prominent locations or cities, we generally use hotels in the 3-4 star range. In the minor towns we use the best available accommodation. At the bare minimum you can expect air conditioning, a private bathroom and a comfortable bed.

Cycling GPS - Route Map - Bike Computer - Wahoo

Cycling CPU

Exclusively to self-guided tours our bikes come fitted with top of the range GPS navigation units. These biking computers have remarkable customisation capabilities and can easily be ported with all major biking software, such as Strava, RidewithGPS or Kamoot, for all fans of cycling data. Never fear if you are not technically minded, as we've made them accessible to all riders. The device will be customised for you and we will upload the most accurate maps and routes. Furthermore, you will be well briefed on putting it to good use. You can download a free companion app and play around with its setup, download results of a day’s ride, or set yourself daily workout goals.

Bicycle tyre close up - Self-guided Bicycle Touring


Before you ride out on your Self-guided adventure, you will be given a set of essential tools to handle all of possible minor repairs, or you can turn to local mechanics for help. However, in an unlikely event of a breakdown you just need to reach out to our representative who will either talk you through basic repairs or organize support in your location, or will help you handle transfer to your destination. 
On request, and for additional fee, we provide a premium transfer service, to pick you up anywhere on the road, if you feel you can’t make it to your ride’s destination.

Bike Touring Vietnam Ocean Road


We provide the technology, travel planning and attention to detail so that you can just focus on enjoying the ride. You'll have your pick of great places to eat plus endless opportunities for local interaction as you cycle through regional communities. This is true independent touring without the hassle. It will take you to places you'd never reach any other way and allow you to explore new locations at your own pace.

Bag Transfer - Luggage Transfer

Bag Transfer

We provide secure luggage transfers between each of your hotels. This way you can enjoy the ride knowing that when you arrive, your bags will already be waiting in your room. We will also call ahead to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival.

Vietnam Cycle Jersey Souvenir

Extra Gifts

A beautiful souvenir Grasshopper cycling jersey is yours to wear and take home. We also provide a Grasshopper drink bottle as an extra memento.

Tour Itinerary

for Cycle Thailand Coast to Coast self-guided bike tour


Travel Bangkok to Hua Hin

Once you arrive in bustling Bangkok, a Grasshopper Self-guided representative will meet with you before you commence your tour. The rep will deliver your equipment, conduct a briefing on the road and travel conditions in Thailand and explain how to use the technology provided. You will then travel by train to Hua Hin, a charming seaside resort town about 3.5 hours away. From there you can take a warm up ride inland along secondary roads and get comfortable with your bike.


Cycle Hua Hin to Pranburi

44km cycling

This morning after check-out, it's time to saddle up for the first leg and set off from Hua Hin on a short, coastal ride to Pranburi. There is a small section to ride along the main road, before you turn off to enjoy the backroads through the countryside and along the waterfront. Pranburi is a small beach town with some holiday homes and coconut farms. A lovely place to spend the night.
Meals: B


Cycle Pranburi to Prachuap Khiri Khan

77km cycling

Woken by the cool sea breezes, your second day of riding in paradise begins. The riding today is on flat terrain and by mid-morning you will pass through a particularly beautiful stretch, where you will have towering limestone karsts off to your right and the sea to your left. The riding concludes in Prachuap Khiri Khan, home to a Royal Thai Air Force base that was invaded by the Japanese in WWII. The town is now better known for the playful Langur Monkeys that live in the "monkey temple", proper name - Wat Thammikaram. The temple provides excellent views of the surrounding bay and countryside, with many locals going there to feed the monkeys.


Cycle Prachuap Khiri Khan to Ban Krut

63km cycling

From Prachuap Khiri Khan, it is just a short ride to another point of interest, the Waghor Aquarium, which showcases the local aquatic life of this area. The cycling today features many turns and a variety of roads, making for an interesting day on the bike. There’s plenty of riding along the coastline, with just a short section on the highway to help you really appreciate those back-roads! Ban Krut is a serene little beachside town with just a handful of guesthouses and hotels.
Meals: B


Cycle Ban Krut to Chumphon

97km cycling

From Ban Krut you will ride along more beautiful coastline and along some low hills, through fruit and rubber plantations. Your ride will conclude in Chumphon, a transit town where the south of Thailand begins. You will check in at a delightfully secluded resort for the evening - the perfect place for a rest with an ocean view.
Meals: B


Rest Day

All good rides need a rest day and Sara Boutique Resort is the perfect place to recharge and relax before the remainder of the ride. This beach-front Resort is blessed with golden sands and crystal blue waters. There are lots of light activities to keep you occupied on the beach and the staff could not be friendlier or more helpful, making your stay an especially relaxing one.
Meals: B


Transfer to Surat Thani, then Cycle to Ratchaprapha Dam

72km cycling

Riding through rubber plantations, forests and limestone karsts, which border the Khao Sok National park, today will be a little more challenging as you begin to cross the low range to the other side of the peninsula. Tonight you will stay in the jungles of Khao Sok, in a comfortable tree house or lovely riverside bungalow.
Meals: B


Cycling through Khao Sok National Park

45km cycling

Today's ride goes from the sluice gates of the Ratchapropa Dam at the fringe of the national park, deep into the karst littered jungle, concluding at the Anurak Community Lodge, nestled deep in Khao Sok National Park. There is time this afternoon to enjoy much more than just the 360' nature views, you can also head out on a small jungle trek or enjoy more riding.
Meals: B


Cycle Khao Sok National Park to Khao Lak

105km cycling

Your cycle today continues through the Khao Sok area, through rolling hills along a winding road. Once you are halfway, you’ll see the coastline again which means you’ll have successfully crossed from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea. From here on, the only option is main roads, so whilst the surface condition is good, you can expect to have to share it. To conclude your penultimate ride day, you will stay at a chic beach-front resort overlooking the aquamarine waters of the Andaman Sea.
Meals: B


Cycle Khao Lak to Phuket

82km cycling

Whilst the road to Phuket today is busy, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment in riding all the way from Hua Hin to Phuket! There are some rolling hills along the waterside at the start, before it flattens out and the route takes you over a bridge onto Phuket Island. There, a Grasshopper Adventures representative will meet you to collect the equipment and aid you if needed with your onward travel.
Meals: B


Conclusion of tour

This morning you enjoy breakfast with sea views at our destination hotel. We can recommend an elegant resort away from the busy tourist areas, or assist with further transport bookings if required.
Meals: B

What's the Riding Like?

Some rolling hills

9 days riding

585km distance

This bike tour is predominately on rural back roads with the occasional dirt road and a brief unavoidable stretch on the highway. The route varies from flat terrain to gently undulating hills and is suitable for all cyclists who can cover the distances involved.


Coolest time: Nov-Feb

Wettest time: Jun-Oct

Our favourites:
Dec-Jan & Jul-Aug

The South of Thailand
The south has two seasons - dry and wet. The rainy and dry seasons in the south alternate from coast to coast; when it is dry season on the Gulf of Thailand Coast (east side) it's rainy season on the Andaman Coast (west side) and vice versa. The Andaman Coast is rainy from April until October while on the Gulf of Thailand Coast most the rain falls from September to December.

Our recommendation
While without doubt the best riding conditions are during the coolest part of the year (December & January), Thailand is at its most beautiful at the height of the rains (July & August) when the fields are a vibrant emerald green and the rice paddies full of water.

Solo Rider & Single Room Options...

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Solo rider? Self-guided bike tours cater perfectly to the solo cyclist who wants to explore at their own pace. If you wish to tour like this please include the Solo Rider Option when completing your booking.

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Single room charges do not apply to those selecting the Solo Rider option.

Why the extra cost? Our carefully calculated pricing is based on twin share rooms and a minimum of two people. Fixed operating costs and hotel pricing require these surcharges.

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