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Self-guided cycle touring is a popular emerging alternative to traditional group cycle tours, and it is now available in Asia. With Grasshopper Adventures offering select self-guided bike tours throughout the region your next two-wheeled adventure is just a click away. The attention to detail, years of experience and quality you have come to know and love about touring with Grasshopper Adventures guided tours remain the same, except our self-guided bike trips give a greater dose of freedom to those looking for more independence in their next escape.

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How it Works

Ready for the road ahead, suitably prepped and equipped with your trusty Lynskey titanium bicycle and guiding technology, you set the riding tempo and simply aim for adventure. It's fine if you wish to take it easy and enjoy many stops, or blast through a satisfying leg of the journey and indulge in some bonus R&R at your next destination. We provide dining and sightseeing tips but you can snack or slack wherever you want, get distracted by some local curiosity or procrastinate on a pristine beach that just caught your eye. The key is you are your own pacesetter and travel how you love.

Self guided bike tour hotels

Years of experience means we know the best accommodation in the area, not just 5-star resorts, but also places with friendly staff and a bit of character. Securing your comfortable bed and well-earned rest is taken care of before arrival and we'll oversee the safe transfer of your luggage from point-to-point, so you can leave the panniers at home. A button-press away is 24/7 support and geo-tracking for your continuous peace of mind, because Self-guided does not mean unsafe, there's reliable support along the route. In addition, our software will provide instructions and points of interest on the way, so you don’t miss out on anything - unless, of course, you choose to.

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Am I Ready for Self-guided cycle touring?

Some biking experience is helpful, but the routes we've crafted are safe and tested over years of touring the area. The self-guided travel style will best fit those who enjoy an outgoing and flexible experience. Group holidays are somewhat structured by necessity, whereas no self-guided tour will ever be the same. Solo travellers are sure to enjoy self-guided tours just as much as couples, groups or families will. You don’t have to necessarily ride at the group's pace, instead, you can organise to meet at a destination and share the journey later over some refreshments.

Grasshopper Self-guided tours are run with handmade Lynskey Cooper titanium bikes. Recognized worldwide for their quality, Lynskey's have been chosen for Grasshopper's Self-guided tours for their all-round reliability, lightweight but 'bomb-proof' titanium frames, which offer a supple ride yet responsive handling. If you are comfortable on a drop-bar bicycle, then trust us, you'll love the Lynskey.

For those who prefer flat bar hybrids or mountain bikes, these are also available as an alternative in all our self-guided destinations.

Lynskey bike tour self guided

Optional waterproof Ortlib front & rear bags available 

self guided bike tour specs

DT Swiss wheels, Hydraulic Disc brakes and Shimano group

Self guided bike tour app

Your Kit

Grasshopper fits your Lynskey with our special self-guided suite, integrated with best-gen navigating technology and hosted on iPads for their unrivalled reliability. We've incorporated two different software solutions for reliably navigating the way to your desired location. Never fear if you are not technically minded, we've made it accessible to all riders and you will be well briefed on putting it to good use. All this is provided to ensure you can ride carefree, be it with a dazzling view of a Vietnamese coast, Sri Lankan world heritage site, Thai national park or sacred Japanese mountain.

Self-guided Tours in Asia

We’ve designed the variety of self-guided cycling tours in Japan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand for those who value an active and individual approach to holiday-making.

A Sip of Ceylon

A Sip of Ceylon

Self-guided bike tour through Sri Lanka's highlands. Take a ride through the tea country of Sri Lanka, cycling the stunning mountain landscapes...

Cycle Kyoto to the Coast - Self-guided

Cycle Kyoto to the Coast - Self-guided

Self-guided cycle tour of Kyoto to the coast
Bike tour the heritage rich areas of Kyoto, Nara, Yoshino and Mount Koya on this iconic cycle t...

Kingdoms of Lanka

Kingdoms of Lanka

Self-guided cycle tour of Sri Lanka's ancient capitals
A 7-day bike adventure, starting and finishing in the cloud city of Kandy in the mountains of c...

Ride the Vietnam Ocean Road

Ride the Vietnam Ocean Road

Self-guided bike tour along Vietnam's coast.
With varied terrain to keep the ride interesting, quiet back roads through charming village com...

Cycle Thailand Coast to Coast

Cycle Thailand Coast to Coast

Self-guided cycle tour of southern Thailand
The term 'Southern Thailand' evokes different images and ideas for different people...