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Breathtaking Routes - User-friendly GPS - Hotels Booked - Luggage Transferred

Self-guided bike touring is a popular emerging alternative to traditional group cycle tours, and it is now available in Asia. With Grasshopper Adventures offering select self-guided bike tours throughout the region your next two-wheeled adventure is just a click away. The attention to detail, years of experience and quality you have come to know and love about touring with Grasshopper Adventures guided tours remain the same, except our self-guided bike trips give a greater dose of freedom to those who value independence in their cycling escapades.

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How it Works

You will receive a well maintained, reliable bike with a user-friendly GPS unit to help you navigate the route. Your luggage will be transferred daily, but you will also have a front bag for your personal items. We provide an app that you can download to learn about the country, its history & culture and to access some great local food knowledge. Your hotel, Inn or Guesthouse will be booked and ready for your arrival at the end of each day. To top it off, you can access to our support network throughout the region who are only a call away to help with any challenges that you might encounter.


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We offer five Self Guided destinations: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan. The routes we chose for Self Guided are hand-picked from our tested guided trips, which we continually check and upgrade to ensure you can ride carefree. Be it with a dazzling view of a Taiwanese or Vietnamese coast, Sri Lankan world heritage sites, Thai national park or sacred Japanese mountains, you ride at your own pace.



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Accommodation and Luggage

Years of experience means we know the best accommodation in the area, not just the high-end 4 and 5-star resorts, but also places with friendly staff and a bit of character. Self Guided gives us booking flexibility that we don’t usually have with large group tours, so this offering is expanded with some very unique venues. 
Securing your comfortable bed and well-earned rest is taken care of before arrival and we'll oversee the safe transfer of your luggage from point-to-point, so you can leave the panniers at home.


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Grasshopper Self-guided tours are run with our reliable fleet of all-purpose hybrids and mountain bikes, but depending on availability, and for an additional fee, our Premium Self-guided offerings include handmade Lynskey Titanium and carbon Cannondale Synapse Ultegra, gravel-road bikes. If you are most comfortable on a drop-bar bike, then the premium bikes are the obvious choice. 



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GPS Navigation

All our bikes come fitted with intuitive and user friendly GPS navigation units. These biking computers have remarkable customisation capabilities and can easily be ported with all major biking software, such as Strava, RidewithGPS or Kamoot, for all fans of cycling data.
Never fear if you are not technically minded, as we've made them accessible to all riders. The device will be customised for you and we will upload the most accurate maps and routes. Furthermore, you will be well briefed on putting it to good use.


Self guided Tour App

Grasshopper App

The Self-guided app is our very own dedicated creation that contains an audio guide to support your adventure. It comes with visual and audio hints of points of interest along your routes, and also hosts a language guide and translations of food suggestions you will find available along your routes. You will also have access to podcasts which contain historic and cultural information of the areas that you visit. The Grasshopper Self-guided app can be hosted on all up-to-date Android and iOS devices.

On request and for a fee we can provide iPads if you don’t wish to use your own mobile device.

Is Self-guided for you?

On a self-guided tour, you are responsible for your own navigation and your timing. We give you lots of information to help and we provide the navigation tools, but you are the one in charge. You need to have previously ridden the sorts of distances in question and you need to be experienced at planning a day of physical activity, how much water you need, what snacks you want to pack etc.

Bike Repair & Maintenance

You need to be able to change a tire, should a nail make it through the puncture resistant rubber. You need to be able to identify roughly what might be wrong with the bike if it’s making an alarming noise. We are on call for major mechanical breakdowns, but for routine things like a flat tire, you need to be relatively self sufficient. There are tire repairers all over the place in Asia, but they still might be 5km away when the dreaded puncture occurs.

If you don’t feel confident on the tire/mechanical front, there are ways to change this. Go talk to your local bike shop and tell them what you are planning. In all probability, they will be more than willing to teach you the basics to help you get out on the adventure.

Meet the locals


You will have needs through the day. Food, water, possibly some mechanical assistance. There are only few places on the routes where you will meet with speakers of English, so most likely, this will involve some sign language and miming. We provide some translated phrases and info in the app and you can use google translate, but there is nothing quite like a pointing, smiling and miming session to foster cross-cultural interaction. 


Are you ready for an independant adventure? If the previous few paragraphs have not discouraged you, then our Self-guided tours are probably just what you need. They are an amazing experience for the self-reliant adventurer. You can discover the country for yourself, experience the highs and lows of your ride. The routes that we have crafted are safe and tested over years of touring Vietnam, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Japan. As an independent, self-guided rider, you will get out of the tourist bubble and experience these exciting destinations to their fullest.
On request, and for a fee, we can provide a pre-booked transfer vehicle to pick you up part way through a particularly long ride, if you feel you can’t make it. We hope that this will make it less daunting and more inviting.
See you on the road!

Read more about what it takes to go Self-guided touring from Adam Platt-Hepworth, Grasshopper Adventures CEO.

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