What a way to experience Cambodia! Days spent exploring the heart of this country at handlebar height, with evening or morning yoga sessions to put you at peace with your surrounds. This trip runs Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.

Cambodia map

Exploring the temples, jungles, and countryside of enchanting Cambodia on two wheels, while practising yoga in the evenings or mornings in the beautiful surrounds of tastefully designed guesthouses and eco-resorts. What a great way to experience Cambodia!

Starting from the spiritual and historical heart of Cambodia, the ancient city of Angkor, we take in a great variety of landscapes as we pedal through the friendly, engaging communities that line the secondary roads and back trails of this intriguing country.

Flat terrain for the most part makes this a very achievable ride for anyone who enjoys experiential, active travel, and the indulgence of a comfortable place to rest your head each night.

Tour details

$2950 USD

12 days duration

460 km distance

Difficulty: Moderate

Deposit payment: $800 USD
Single room option: $780 USD
Tour code: SFKA14

Trip Features & Tour Inclusions

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Great Bikes

Top quality, well maintained GT mountain bikes in a full range of sizes are included in your tour, fitted with hybrid tyres for touring. Handlebar bags for your personal possessions and a comfortable saddle are also provided, with a women's specific version available.

Comfortable Bed, Quality Hotel, Bike Tour

Comfy Beds

The hotels we use are a great, and sometimes unexpected, part of this tour. In the larger cities and established tourist centres we use stylish and supremely comfortable hotels and resorts, while in the smaller and more out of the way areas we stay in the best available accommodation, which is often simple yet always well run, clean and comes with air-conditioning or fan (as the temperature dictates) and a private bathroom.

Local tour guide Asia smile

Your Host

An experienced English speaking, local leader will host you on this trip who is well spoken, very well informed, and charming. Our leaders are often cited as being the main highlight of the tour. We use local leaders who have a passion for their country and are always well informed on topics ranging from history, politics, cuisine and importantly local customs and cultures. Our leaders will take pride in introducing you to every aspect of their country and will help you to connect with the villagers you meet along the way.

Bike mechanic tour support

More Support

For groups of 5+ people a bike mechanic will join the group. Whilst not a master of linguistics, our technical team always make an effort to form a bond with the group and provide not just mechanical support, but additional encouragement to those who may find themselves at the back of the group. Our drivers support the group by ensuring that the freshest fruit and tastiest snacks are picked up along the way.

Bike Tour Support Van Grasshopper Adventures

Support Van

An air conditioned backup support vehicle is always available in case you want a break from riding, and to carry your luggage.

Cycling, Yoga and Meditation tours - Cambodia

Yoga guru

Our Yoga host in Cambodia is Virginia Slevin. Virginia is a highly experienced teacher who completed her 200 hour Power Yoga teacher training with modern Australian master yogi, Duncan Peak in April 2013, and who is currently working towards her 500 hour teacher training with Power Living Australia. Virginia teachers power vinyasa and yin yoga and currently teaches regular classes in and around Newcastle NSW Australia.

local food banquet asia

Great Eats

Whilst Cambodian cuisine may not be as famous as that of some of its neighbours, it offers some subtle, understated flavours. There is a strong emphasis on fish and fresh vegetables in the traditional diet, but contemporary Cambodian cuisine offers a wide range of options and surely has something for everyone. Our guides are experts at introducing you to the finest food. Included meals are listed in the day by day itinerary, and drinking water is always included with meals. Any soft or alcoholic drinks are not included and will be at your own expense.

Bike Tour Snacks tropical fruit


Energy bars and local snacks are provided to keep your energy levels up for the riding, and clean water and electrolyte drinks are always available to keep you well hydrated.

Ayutthaya tour guide and guest - cycle Jersey

Take It Home

A beautiful souvenir Grasshopper cycling jersey is yours to wear and take home. We also provide a Grasshopper drink bottle as an extra memento.

Small group cycling tours

4 to 12

This tour is guaranteed for a minimum of 4 travellers. And we limit the group size to only 12 travellers so that you get all the attention you want in an intimate group.

single bike riders on tour


There is no surcharge for single travellers - we will match you with another same sex single traveller. If you want a single room there is a an optional upgrade that you can book.

Indochinese Silvered Langur Monkey

Your Impact

Travel by any means results in some impact to the countries, communities and environments we travel. On this tour we aim to make a positive impact through our Book Donation Program and we seek to minimise our environmental impact through running our Cambodian support vehicles on 100% Bio-Diesel from Naga Biofuels. This is not a crop based product, the fuel made entirely from recycled cooking oil.

Tour Itinerary

for Grasshopper Pose on a Bike


Arrival Day in Siem Reap

As you exit the airport our driver will be waiting for you with a beaming smile. After a short drive to the hotel, you will have some time to relax before the group meeting. Your tour leader will conduct a briefing at this time, after which you can try out your bike for size and add any items you may have brought. After this an authentic culinary journey awaits to introduce you to Cambodia. Meals: D


Angkor Sunrise Discovery

30km cycling

As first light dawns and the roosters begin to crow you will be at the most important religious monument in the country, looking at the triple towers of Angkor Wat across a reflecting pool. After the sun hopefully rises as a giant orange ball behind the towers, the crowds will thin out as most people return to bed or a hotel breakfast. For us however, we will make use of the cool temperatures and soft morning light to explore Angkor Wat. Monkeys and a handful of other travellers are the only others you will see.

We move to a clearing in the forest by the river and have a short yoga session before breakfast. We then continue to explore the iconic Angkor temples and some hidden treasures of the Angkor area. We ride some lovely back trails and even ride atop the wall of Angkor Thom, overlooking the moat. Lunch is had by a small lake before we cycle back to our hotel.
A restorative yoga session will be available in the late afternoon/early evening. Dinner is had at our lovely hotel this evening after a full day of activity. Meals: BLD

Please note: Appropriate dress (knees and shoulders fully covered) is compulsory for entry into certain sections of Angkor Wat, and should also be observed throughout all temple areas for reasons of cultural sensitivity.


Cycle Tonle Sap

45km cycling

A morning yoga class to start the day, then breakfast at the hotel before we start today's ride. The Tonle Sap Lake is the largest in South East Asia and is not even closely rivaled in this position by anything else. A huge expanse of water in the middle of Cambodia, connected to the Mekong River by the Tonle Sap River, resulting in a natural phenomenon that must be seen to be believed. We take a ride on tracks and trails today to reach the lake. Along the way we ride next to the Baray, a huge reservoir used by the Khmer kings for irrigation of the surrounding area. Upon arriving at the edge of the Tonle Sap, we take a boat to explore the floating communities that call this area home. These are a less visited collection of villages due to their relative remoteness. We extend our boat ride (time permitting) to see the birdlife of this area before returning to our bikes and to town by a different route. An evening yoga session will help to restore the balance. After this, you are at liberty to choose your dining venue from among a wide range of options. Meals: BL


Transfer Siem Reap to Kampong Thom, Cycle Sambor Prei Kuk

55km cycling

A morning yoga session will set us up for a full day. We start out from Siem Reap with a two and a half hour drive to reach Kampong Thom, in the neighboring province to Siem Reap. We then set off on a ride north of the town to find the sprawling complex of pre-Angkorian temples known as Sambor Prei Kuk. These ruins date back as far as the 7th century and are remarkably intact for their age. The leafy surrounds and absence of tourists makes this a really special experience. After we see out the heat of the day in the shade, we return to Kampong Thom by a different route and enjoy a tasty, authentic Khmer meal. Meals: LD


Transfer & Cycle to Phnom Penh

45km cycling

Again a drive is necessary to set us up for a great ride, so before we fold ourselves into a vehicle, we have a yoga session by the pool of our guesthouse. It is then a drive of about three hours, after which we find ourselves at Oudong Mountain which surprisingly, for a short period of time, was the capital of Cambodia. Today it is a hilltop temple with views over the surrounding flatlands. We enjoy a Cambodian style picnic here and then take an afternoon ride on lovely village roads and trails, mostly unpaved. We zig zag our way through farmland where rice is the main crop and pass Oudong's smaller brother, Basset Mountain. As the ride bears on, we cross the train tracks of a recently refurbished, but as yet un-operational, railway line. From here the scenery changes rapidly and for those comfortable riding in traffic you can ride right up to the hotel door. For those that are not game, the support vehicle awaits. Dinner tonight marks the end of the first third of our epic journey and will be had by the Tonle Sap River, not far from where the three main rivers of Cambodia converge, which was the main reason for Phnom Penh's placement. Meals: BLD


Rest Day in Phnom Penh

A morning yoga session is planned before you get out to explore.
Phnom Penh has had a turbulent history. When the French colonialists arrived, it was little more than a collection of wooden shacks by the river, but they soon changed that and in doing so created what was once considered a very beautiful city. When the Khmer Rouge evacuated the Phnom Penh in 1975, they started it on its way to decay and decline, a theme that had carried through until only fairly recently when the country's economic development accelerated rapidly. Your guide can dispense a great deal of advice on how the city can be explored and will offer a late afternoon walk to introduce you to some of the lesser known aspects of this eccentric city.
An optional restorative yoga session will be available in the evening. Meals: B


Transfer & Cycle to Kirirom

85km cycling

After a drive to exit the traffic of Phnom Penh, we hit the bikes and find ourselves in picturesque countryside again where water buffalo wallow in mud while kids tend to them, and coconut and palm trees line the roads. Our cycling route today is on well made dirt roads with hardly a car in sight. We stop off mid way at a small community near a waterfall where we have lunch. We then continue on to Kirirom Mountain. Those not wanting to do the climb can use the vehicle to shuttle to the top of the hill where our guest house awaits. This is a recently constructed property in the cool air and pine tree surrounds; a lovely location for an evening yoga session before another healthy and delicious meal. Meals: BLD


Cycle & Transfer to Sihanoukville

65km cycling

A yoga and meditation session to start the day, a hearty breakfast and then a descent down a winding road back to the flatlands. We then shuttle a highway section by car until we find another one of those backroads that we've enjoyed so much. Our backroad today includes rolling hills, something new for us to experience. We pop out at the coast about two thirds of the way in at a deserted beach. A chance for a dip before we push on through the port area of Sihanoukville and all the way to our secluded guest house up on a hill. Our evening yoga session will be by the pool overlooking the port. Meals: BLD


Cycle to Kampot

100km cycling

A challenging day of riding today as we follow the coast around, past the base of Bokor Mountain to reach Kampot. The riding takes us on a variety of terrain, along sandy beaches, through forest trails and on more open road as we pass the mountains. Kampot is a pleasant little town in the shadow of Bokor, set on an inlet. A nicely restored, colonial era building is our home for the night. A restorative yoga session is sure to help with the recovery after a long day on the bike. Meals: BLD


Cycle to Kep

35km cycling

A short day on the bike allows for a morning yoga session. After a long day in the saddle yesterday, it is nice to have a lazy start today and a much shorter ride. We pedal out east from town and spend a short while on a main road before leaving it to ride a small back road around a lake that was dug by forced labor during the Khmer Rouge times. We have a slight hill today as we pass some pepper farms, then we descend back down to the coast before one final hill to reach our lovely accommodation with views out over the Gulf of Thailand. An evening yoga session overlooking the sea is a lovely memory to have of Kep. Meals: BLD


Free Day in Kep

Even though this is a free day, a location like this deserves a yoga session. We'll have this before breakfast and the rest of the day is then yours to explore Kep. The bikes are at your disposal and Kep is a compact enough size that you can cover most of it on two wheels. Meals: B


Transfer to Phnom Penh

We bid Kep farewell and take a drive of three hours to reach Phnom Penh. We can take you straight to the airport or to a hotel in town. The tour concludes upon arrival. Meals: B

What's the Riding Like?

Mostly flat terrain

Some unsealed tracks

8 days riding

460km distance

The terrain is a mix of sealed and unsealed roads, tracks and trails. It is our aim to deliver as much traffic-free track and trail as possible, but at times we do need to resort to secondary roads. We spend no more than 20km over the whole tour on anything resembling a highway. The riding is easily achievable for those who are comfortable controlling a bike. There are only a few short hills on the last day, so you have plenty of time to work up to these. You must be comfortable riding in quite hot conditions and it is highly recommended to get some practice on unsealed surfaces with a little loose sand and gravel as this will help you feel more confident at times on this ride. There is always a support vehicle on hand to give you a lift if you need a break from the riding.


Coolest time: Nov-Feb

Wettest time: Jun-Oct

The coolest time of year is from November to February with temperatures rising to a peak in April and May. With the arrival of the rains in June temperatures drop, with rain falling mainly in the afternoons in short, heavy showers. September and October are the wettest months with a return to dry conditions in November.

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