Meet the Crew

The people that make it all happen...


Adam Platt-Hepworth 

Adam rediscovered the simple pleasure of cycling in his mid twenties, commuting by bike to his bank job in Melbourne, Australia. That same bank job in SME finance, had actually been a great education, exposing him to a wide range of small businesses and their owners. In 2003 Adam joined a fundraiser ride through southern China where he made a friend who would later found Grasshopper, and became inspired by the dual features of cycling and travel in Asia.  

Adam now leads the wonderful team of personalities that make up Grasshopper Adventures.  He lives in Siem Reap Cambodia with his young family and still occasionally hosts tours.


Steve Grace

Steve, our Brand Ambassador, has a history of tourism product development in his native USA and first came to Southeast Asia to research and develop a new project at Angkor. Following the completion of this venture he joined the Grasshopper team. A keen cyclist since childhood, biking for Steve was more than just a way to get to school; his bike allowed him the freedom to explore the world beyond his hometown, taking years' off his mom's life while adding decades to his own!

Katharina Beyer - Country Manager Grasshopper Adventures Myanmar

Katharina Beyer

Katharina's career has brought her from Germany, where she was born, to Belgium, France and Spain. During a sabbatical in 2015 she discovered magical Myanmar and fell under its spell. After 15 years in hospitality with Marriott International she decided on a complete change and as a travel and outdoor enthusiast Katharina was easily convinced to join the Grasshopper Adventures family, becoming Country Manager in Myanmar. Cycling has always been an important part of her life and a bicycle tour became mandatory whenever friends came to visit in Paris. She is now leading the enthusiastic team in Myanmar and is proud to show this rare gem to guests.

Jake Stalker Grasshopper Adventures Cambodia

Jake Stalker

Having made the move from Sydney, Australia, to Cambodia in his late teens, Jake has spent years working with the different cultures of the region using business as a tool for the development of both people and communities. With most of his adult life spent in the region, he is passionate to show guests the ‘real’ Asia using a bike as a way of getting where others can’t. Responsible for operations in both Cambodia and Sri Lanka, Jake can be found (almost) any time working the ground alongside his two awesome teams in either stunning destination.



Vinoli started her career as a banker, but it didn’t take long to discover her true passion was in tourism, not unlike the owner of Grasshopper Adventures. Since that realisation she took a career leap and has been working in the travel industry for the past seven years. Vinoli loves interacting with travellers and listening to stories from far-flung corners of the world. It almost goes without saying that she’s an avid traveller herself, who loves hiking, being outdoors and discovering new local flavours.

Vinoli handles the day-to-day responsibilities for our dynamic team in Sri Lanka, her homeland, where the company of her incredible friends & family keeps her from roaming more often!

Chotikapa Chok-Udomchai ("Nack"), Sales Manager Grasshopper Adventures, Thailand

Chotikapa Chok-Udomchai ("Nack")

Starting as a junior member of the sales team two years ago Nack has risen through the ranks to become our sales manager in Thailand.

A native of the Land of Smiles, Nack previously split her time between Thailand and Cambodia offices, working as the main administrative brain for all the Grasshopper destinations. She is now based back in her hometown of Bangkok.

Jake Stalker Grasshopper Adventures Cambodia

Tot & Simon

Having lived and worked as tour leaders and guidebook authors in a host of different countries, in 2003 Simon and Tot first experienced Taiwan, quickly falling in love with the incredible little island. In the early years their only transport was two cheap local bikes, which set the tone for their exploration of the island, yieldeding mile after mile of spectacular scenery, linked by well-maintained but little-used roads.

Keen to share their findings Simon and Tot established the Grasshopper Taiwan office in 2007. They currently live with their two young kids, old Labrador, tearaway puppy and two Russian hamsters by a remote beach on the Pacific, near the East Coast fishing harbour of Chenggong. 

Jaz Mojica - Travel Experience Planner Grasshopper Adventures

Jaz Mojica

Jaz is originally from Vermont USA, though she travels often, moving to Cambodia at age 17 where she's been living on and off for the last decade. She was not always a cyclist, but once in Cambodia she discovered the magic of exploring a country on two wheels and now the only thing Jaz loves doing more than travelling and cycling is having her loved ones along for the ride! 

Her first Grasshopper adventure was a week-long ride in Vietnam with her dad, and recently she enjoyed a cycling trip in Sri Lanka with her mom. Jaz is currently nomadic and working remotely; she gets great joy out of living vicariously through guests by helping arrange memorable bike journeys suited perfectly to their interests. Feel free to pepper her with questions as she's more than happy to help!

Lauren Laskey - USA Sales Representative Grasshopper Adventures

Lauren Lasky 

Lauren joined the Grasshopper Adventures family in 2018. Over the past 20 years she hass held various roles in the cycling industry and has spent the last decade working as a travel consultant for European bike touring. The opportunity to travel by bicycle through Europe inspired her to explore more regions of the globe including our own favourite region, Asia!
An intrepid explorer since childhood, Lauren’s love of cycling and travel led her to turn her passion into a rewarding career - and she wants to nothing more than to share that joy with others! If you're in the US and want to reach out to Lauren for some great tips on bike touring in Asia she's more than happy to help.

Noot, Trip Coordinator Grasshopper Adventures


Noot has been with Grasshopper Adventures since 2014, helping guests in her role as a Trip Coordinator. Like the rest of the Grasshopper family she loves travel and considers herself lucky to be able to work in the industry, doing what she loves. "I find it very rewarding communicating with people from all over the world, learning about destinations and experiences, and hearing of people's adventures"

Travelling comes in all shapes and sizes, and some of Noot particular favourites are historical sites, city tours, beaches, but most especially, mountains. "I visited the Dolomites and ever since then I have a love for the mountains, so now hiking is a beloved part-time activity."

Ging, Trip Coordinator Grasshopper Adventures


Ging is based in Bangkok and has been working as part of the Grasshopper Adventures team since 2015. She has many interests and, not too surprisingly, travelling comes high on that list. As a Trip Coordinator with Grasshopper Adventures she is a master of travel planning, and enjoys making her own itineraries to destinations she's visiting for the first time. "I like researching for hotels, local food specialties and must-see tourist attractions, then putting it all together and making the most of my visit."  

While making a booking, getting ready for your trip or even following up after, there is a high chance you'll chat with Ging at some point. She's always busy keeping in contact with guests, making sure everyone is prepared, informed and ready to just enjoy the journey!

Rady, Trip Coordinator Grasshopper Adventures


The ever-cheerful Rady began her journey with the Grasshopper Adventures team back in 2014. She loves loves communicating and interacting with tour guests, sharing some of her own culture while also learning about theirs. As with much of the team, exploring food and travel are some of her favourite passion.

"Before going on a journey, researching, planning and settling everything in advance helps make my time on the ground more valuable. I love the feeling of getting below the surface of a destination and culture I’ve never experienced before."

As proud and valuable part of the Grasshopper Adventures family, Rady directs this dedication and care into her work, coordinating booking and service arrangements for Guests to ensure their experience is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Tshering - Bhutan Team

Tshering - Captain of Bhutan Team

Tshering is accompanied by Tandin Dorji, who has been with Grasshopper from the start of our Bhutanese operations, and did many of the original research trips to put together our tours.

Tandin takes great pride in his work and his country, which shines through in everything he does. Very popular with our guests, Tandin is described by Tshering as "the lubricant of the well oiled Grasshopper apparatus". A great credit to his country and a great asset for Grasshopper. 

Norman & Reiko

Norman and Reiko are world travelers with a love for life. Norman has been in Japan for 25 years, a 45 year cyclist and 4 time Ironman. He is a former restauranteur. Reiko is a sweet bike mechanic and 3rd generation fish monger who was born and raised in Japan. 

They live on a secluded beach  in Kagawa located on the beautiful island of Shikoku. They look forward to  introducing you to the magic of Japan.


After joining Grasshopper Adventures nearly 9 years ago as a junior guide, Thang has worked his way up and now is our Product and Team Leader of the Vietnam Office.

Thang hails from a little town in central Vietnam and studied Tourism Management in Saigon. Afterwards, he became a guide and now has 11 years of experience in this field. Sports, food, and coffee are Thang’s favorite things, and when he isn’t busy with his office duty, Thang is off running tours around Vietnam.


Owen grew up in the southern United States where he studied art and digital media and worked for over a decade in hospitality - primarily bartending and catering. In 2013, he moved to Germany to further his education, bringing his four cats along with him. He describes himself as an adventurous, creative, and optimistic spirit who is passionate about the political world, and has a wide range of interests from mountain biking and billiards to computer science and theater.

Owen eventually came to work as a Sales Representative after meeting fellow Grasshopper employee Jaz Mojica during her travels through Europe in 2017. "For me, the most fulfilling aspect of this job is bringing the thrill of travel and the opportunity to experience and learn from other cultures to our excited guests from all over the globe."


Tram has been part of Grasshopper Adventures family for more than 10 years and is currently responsible for operations of Grasshopper Adventures Vietnam. Her love for the job and team are evident in her constant bright smile.

Tram is outgoing and a passionate traveler, as well as amiable and easy to make friends with. There is no one better to show you the heart-warming hospitality of Vietnamese people.


After starting her career as a salesperson in 2010, Lam now has 9 years working experience in the tourism industry.

Lam joined the Grasshopper Adventures team in 2018 as a Sales Leader, using her knowledge and experience with travel agents and DMCs as a liason to offer the best value for travel agents, DMCs, and their clients. ”I take joy in selling our customers the experience that is worth more than the money they spend”.

Regional Offices

Our local offices provide you with the best on-the-ground experience.

From humble beginnings with a single shop in Bangkok we have now expanded to regional offices in many of our destinations, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan and Bhutan.


Bangkok Team

Grasshopper Adventures was conceived and born in Thailand in 2006 by Jason Williams, with the Bangkok office being our very first. Originally manned with just two staff, today we have offices in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok cities that employ 20 Freelance Guides and a team of 9 professional office personnel. We are a crazy bunch that have lots of fun and we love riding bikes (well, most of us do). Our Thailand team is headed by William Tuffin.

Chiang Mai Bike Tour Team

Chiang Mai Team


Starting from only three staff in a small shop in Phnom Penh in 2009 our Cambodia office has grown to be the largest in the company with thirty tourism professionals working in both our Siem Reap and Phnom Penh offices. The team includes drivers, cleaners, mechanics, reservations, customer service and accounting staff and naturally some well informed, charming guides to deliver our tours.


Grasshopper Adventures Myanmar Team

Our Myanmar shop first opened in 2012 in Mandalay with a small team and has since grown to include a Bagan shop and our newest shop based in the Inle Lake area, an emereging travel hotspot. Myanmar is also our youngest team but possibly the most enthusiastic. From mechanics to shop supervisors, they all 'warmly welcome' you to Myanmar and go the distance to make sure you have a great holiday. Our guides are a mix of freelance and full-time, some of whom have been with us since day one, and are full of knowledge about their country. If you are joining a multiple day tour you will also have the chance to meet our drivers who not only ensure you never go thirsty but also are masters at preparing snack breaks of local delights along the tour.


Grasshopper Adventures Vietnam Crew

Vietnam is growing along with the rest of Grasshopper Adventures, with an office in Saigon and a new day tour shop in Hoi An. Our team now numbers ten members who love sharing their pride in Vietnamese culture and the joy of cycling. When not working, our team enjoys researching new and exciting places to ride and tasty spots to eat. We’re happy to share these secret tips with you on our tours, make sure to pop in and see us.


Grasshopper Adventures - Bhutan Team

Our small but committed team in Bhutan is lead by Tshering Dorji, who quit a high profile construction business 20 years ago to follow his dream of working in tourism. Very much a people person, Tshering is a meticulous organiser, but his talents don't end there; he is also a mountain biker, thrill seeker, mountain guide, keen photographer, aspiring writer, amateur league soccer player and repository of Bhutanese folk lore, culture & history! 


Small, but streamlined, the Taiwan office is headed up by Simon and Tot Foster, but other folk you’re likely to meet during your time here include the super organized and smiley Mandy Rose from Eastern Taiwan who surfs when she’s not managing the office, multi-talented Brad Goldhorn, who can fix seemingly anything and plays a mean melodian, and Kenji Sugata, a highly experienced cyclist and qualified pasta chef.