Evening cycling food tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
A cycling food adventure off the beaten tourist path to discover the wonders of traditional Chiang Mai cuisine. Come hop on a bike and let us take you for a cycling food tour adventure the northern Thai way. This is the only food tour of its kind in Chiang Mai.

Traditional Chiang Mai cuisine, or Muang Food, is mouthwatering and distinct from regular Thai food. With the setting sun pedal forth for a culinary journey of Chiang Mai. Riding Chiang Mai’s backstreets and alleyways stopping at streetside stalls and food markets. The whole world of Northern Thai food will spring forth to delight your taste buds and fill your belly. In addition to Muang Food you will also get to sample some Shan or Tai Yai food.  Our food & bike tour will finish with a spot of tea and a unique traditional dessert on the banks of the River Ping. 

We promise that there will be something tasty for everyone to eat. Vegetarians are welcome. Come cycle with us to discover authentic Northern Thai cuisine on this unique food tour.

Please note: As we cycle at night and in market areas, this tour is not suitable for children under 12 years old riding alone, however children in baby seats or riding a tag-along are welcome to join.

Tour details

฿2000 THB

0.5 day duration

12 km distance

Difficulty: Mild

Tour code: GHCF15

Deposit payment:
50% of the tour price 

Tour Features & Inclusions

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Nice Ride

Nice Ride

This bike tour comes with top quality Merida mountain bikes equipped with lights, and a water bottle and helmet are provided.

Cycle tour guide

Your Guide

An experienced English speaking, local leader will host you on this trip who is well spoken, very well informed, and charming. Our leaders are often cited as being the main highlight of the tour. We use local leaders who have a passion for their country and are always well informed on topics ranging from history, politics, cuisine and importantly local customs and cultures. Our leaders will take pride in introducing you to every aspect of their country.

Bike Tour Meals

Great Eats

This tour is all about food! Along our way we will sample tropical fruit and local snacks in addition to a sit down meal. The main focus is on Chiang Mai cuisine, although your guide will also introduce you to Shan and Tai Yai delicacies, and we are sure you'll have a full belly at the end of the trip. Everyone will find something to suit them, including vegetarians, and rest assured there will be no snakes or bugs! Fresh clean water is always available during the tour, along with a stop for refreshing fruit juice.

Grasshopper Adventures - small group cycling tours

2 to 6

This tour is guaranteed for a minimum of just 2 travellers. And we limit the group size to only 8 travellers so that you get all the attention you want in an intimate group.

Grasshopper Adventures Kids' Discounts

Kids' Prices

We have a range of kids sized bikes, tag-alongs and child seats so there's no reason to leave the kids at the hotel. And to help families we offer discounts to all children aged 15 years and below: Ages 0 to 4 years - 50% off / Ages 5 to 12 years - 30% off / Ages 13 to 15 years - 10% off

Tour Itinerary

Gather at the Grasshopper Shop
Meet at the Grasshopper Adventures Shop near Chiang Mai Gate at 5:15pm. The tour will depart at 5:30pm sharp. After a quick bike fitting and a welcome snack of Chiang Mai chewing tea the Chiang Mai Food Bike Tour begins.

Street Sweets and Fresh Fruit Juice at the City’s Navel
The first stop on the food tour is to give you a taste of some of the different kinds of tropical fruits found in Thailand. Miss Nong has been selling high quality 100% fresh fruit juice at the city’s navel for almost 10 years. Accompanying the fruit juice will be a tasty Chiang Mai street sweet.

The Navel of the City Temple
The ancient city of Chiang Mai was built to reflect Hindu cosmology with Mt. Mehru as the center of the universe. The Navel of the City Temple or Wat Intakin was the original site of the city pillar, which is the center of the city and therefore named the city’s belly button. We spend a few minutes here listening to the monks chanting, admiring the 700 year old White Buddha and learning a bit about the history and culture of Chiang Mai. Back on the bikes and riding past the Three Kings Monument we are off to the next stop on our adventure.

On the Way to the Market
With the sun now set and dusk turning to evening, we ride to the final temple of our tour to learn a bit more about Buddhism and merit making.

The Market
Rolling up to a bustling food market, we stop at a green papaya salad food stall to order some Chiang Mai style ‘Som Tum’ for our dinner. Then it is off for a tour of the market to learn about northern Thai food. Watch a food seller making chili paste and stop by a stall selling curries, stews and soups. How about some grilled eggs or perhaps something cooked in a banana leaf? Choose a medley of exotic fruits for the end of the meal. Have no fear; all the dishes selected will be authentic Chiang Mai cuisine, but there will be nothing weird or strange (No bugs or snakes). Everyone will find something they can enjoy, vegetarians included.

The Dinner
Once we have finished our shopping, we will return to the Som Tum stall where a table is set for us to sit down and unpack our selections from the market. Before we can delight in the gastronomic wonders of Chiang Mai cuisine, we will get a short lesson on how to properly eat sticky rice, the staple of Northern Thai food. 

The guide will explain each dish and explain some of the Chiang Mai traditions about food. Then dig in! You'll experience traditional cuisine that's hard to find in restaurants. At the end of our dinner enjoy the exotic Thai fruits chosen earlier in the market.

Snacks on the Way
Along the way to our last stop for the night, we will have a typical Shan or Tai Yai snack, just in case you did not have enough to eat for dinner. You'll find the flavour to be truly amazing.

By the River
The last stop on our food tour will be for Mae Salong tea and a traditional Thai dessert in a peaceful riverside setting.

Back to the Grasshopper Shop
With tummies full slowly wind your way back through the late evening streets of Chiang Mai to the Grasshopper Adventures Shop. Say good-bye to your guide at the conclusion of your Chiang Mai bike food tour and hello to a night full of yummy dreams of tasty Chiang Mai cuisine.

What's the Riding Like?

Flat terrain

Mostly backstreets

12km riding

The riding on this bike tour is relaxed and easy. The terrain is all flat. While we will mostly be cycling along backstreets, there are some short sections on busier roads. Where we have to cross any roads this is done together in an organised manner (and Chiang Mai drivers are very polite!). This tour is not suitable for children under 12 cycling on their own bikes, however we can provide kids seats and tag along bikes for children.

The tropical sun can be quite fierce, so we recommend you use some sun block or, if you prefer a natural option, sun sleeves for your arms and Buff headwear for your neck. 

Men and Woman need to cover their shoulders to enter temples and mosques. Woman need to cover their knees as well, so If you like to wear shorts when riding, we recommend bringing a sarong to wear for entering a temple or mosque.

Making a Booking

Click on the 'Book this tour' button below or at the top of the page to reserve your place on this tour.

A 50% deposit is required to confirm your place on this tour. Please note that if you cancel the tour within 24 hours of the tour starting your deposit is not refunded. If you change the date of your tour within 24 hours of the tour starting you will need to pay the deposit payment again as we consider this a cancellation. 

This tour departs daily.

Cancellation Policy & Rain
You still need to turn up for the tour if it is raining. It is quite common that it can be raining in one part of the city and not raining in another. So if it's raining at your hotel don't assume it is raining where you will be cycling. Also it is common that the rain falls heavily and for short durations so if it does rain we just wait and continue the tour once the rain stops. We also have plastic rain ponchos for everyone in the case that you do need to ride in the rain. If heavy rains continues until 6:30pm or if there is torrential flooding, you can choose to cancel with full refund or change your tour to another day.

Book this tour

Starting Time & Meeting Point

Grasshopper Adventures Shop
87 Bumrung Buri Rd., Prasing, Muang, เชียงใหม่ 50200

Meeting time: 5:15pm, to depart at 5:30pm sharp.

For Assistance Phone: +66 (0) 61 740 2233

What our guests tell us...

Just a selection of our great reviews!

Tania tailored the selection of local food to try to our taste and let us pick things we hadn’t tried … We had plenty of food and plenty of things we’d never eaten nor would be able to order and eat without a guide.

Joe July 2018

Tried lots of food and it was catered to what we wanted. All of it was new and yummy. Dessert afterward by the river was beautiful.

Erik June 2018

Boi, our guide, was really great. He was very safety conscious and took the time to explain things at each stops, with a lot of personal note on his own experience, culture and heritage.

Benjamin May 2018

Excellent evening. The food was great, the bike ride was enjoyable, and Boy is a great guide. Highly recommended!

David May 2018

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