What is Grasshopper Adventures all about?

Little green insects that hop around, rubbing their wings together and occasionally causing a stir. That's us, well not quite…

At Grasshopper Adventures, we believe in setting people up on two wheels and guiding them through a world vastly different from their own. Discovering a new corner of the globe by pedaling through its great outdoors leads to the greatest growth and most impactful experiences.

Thanks to the collective expertise of the interesting, well-traveled Grasshopper folks, we know the ins and outs of the tourism industry well enough to make sure we stay in touch with the true essence of our tours and destinations, carefully crafting each itinerary to give you the most authentic experience possible. Our goal is to set you up with great bikes, a knowledgeable and fun guide, comfortable accommodation, and a well-thought-out itinerary that takes you to the cultural and geographical highlights as well as the hidden gems of each destination. The rest is up to you!



Why Grasshopper?

Since we started in 2004 we must have done something right, because now over 30,000+ people a year join us on our tours, and you could be one of them!

Have a Positive Impact

At Grasshopper Adventures, we like the idea of travel with a conscience. Whether it’s supporting local businesses, attempting to learn phrases in the local language, visiting an NGO, or eating in a restaurant that trains street kids in the hospitality industry, rest assured knowing that your presence in each country has a positive effect.

Trust Our Experience

Grasshopper is made up of a team of really cool people (if we do say so ourselves) with countless years of experience working in Asia. We’ve all dealt with larger tour companies and have learned from them how not to operate. Our smaller size allows us to work more closely with our tours in order to take our customers to the best off-the-beaten-track finds as well as the most popular must-sees of Asia.

Unbeatable Value

At Grasshopper, we keep our prices reasonable for the high quality of our tours. As a web-based company, we don’t have the huge overhead costs of large tour companies. We start with building the tour as it should be, then let the price work itself out, providing you with superb bikes, comfortable accommodations with great facilities and gorgeous settings. You’ll get your money’s worth of experiences, and then some.

Personal Service

Being a small company allows us to provide more personal, involved service than any of the larger companies. By the time you mount your bike, we’ll already know each other well, as you’ll be in contact with our in-country staff leading up to your adventure. Grasshopper has no remote sales office fielding your questions, instead you’ll receive assistance from our team in the field who can provide the most factual and up-to-date information available. Our passion for showing you the best of Asia comes across in every interaction.

Meet Like-Minded Adventurers

While most of our tours run with groups of 6-14 cyclists, we also field requests for groups of any size- the largest so far has been 67! The smaller groups in our scheduled tours allow for making closer connections. We’ve had customers from age 5 to 80, and from all over the world, brought together by a love of discovering Asia and the great outdoors on two wheels. Bonds formed over conquering an upward climb, viewing a spectacular sunset from a mountaintop, or trying that strange-looking local delicacy will last for years to come!

Let our Guides

Show you Asia On all of our trips (except the self-guided ones), you will be accompanied by a Grasshopper Adventures tour guide, who is there not only to show you which way to pedal, but to make sure every aspect of your journey is enjoyable and informative. These guides are selected not only for their bike riding skills, but also for their experience in the country, and their love and passion for the adventure that awaits. For larger bike groups, a mechanic will join to assist in making sure your bike is also well cared for. All this ensures you will be in good hands during the trip, but we also know when to step back and let you experience Asia for yourself, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore on your own.

Home Away from Home

We choose our accommodations not only for comfort, but also for the greatest cultural experience and immersion available. Lodgings will include everything from comfortable hotels with ample facilities, to small, family-owned guesthouses or lodgings that are light on amenities but full of character or history. You’ll stay in traditional Japanese Ryokans, Indian Palaces and Heritage Hotels, and even a lodge in the middle of the Sri Lankan rainforest. Each home for the evening ensures the optimal setting to relax and restore yourself for the next day of cycling. Private groups can choose the level of accommodation to suit their needs and budget.

We do not charge a single supplement for people travelling alone. We will match you up with another same sex, single traveller to share a room with. In the event that you do wish to have a room to yourself, on most of our tours we have a voluntary single supplement available at an extra cost. That way no-one else has to put up with your snoring!

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Pedal, Eat, Repeat

Some of the best memories from your journey with Grasshopper Adventures will be of the food! Asian food varies greatly country to country, and you’ll have the chance to sample local specialties along with the favorites from each destination. We’re experts in catering to the pickier eaters of the group and the tastes of young kids as well. Most meals are included on all of our trips, along with ample free time to seek out the culinary delights available to suit your own tastes. We provide plenty of snacks along the way to keep you fueled for cycling, and you’ll have the chance to sample items such as locally-grown coffee or tea and craft beer and eat at the homes of locals, at street stands and our favorite tried and true eateries. Is your stomach grumbling yet?