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Travel Taiwan

A vibrant, colorful jewel in the Pacific Ocean.

When you say Taiwan, many people’s first thoughts are of cheap toys “Made in Taiwan” and maybe the island’s tumultuous relationship with its booming neighbour. But this tiny tear-shaped drop in the ocean, coined “La Ilha Formosa” (The Beautiful Island) by the Portuguese offers beautiful beaches, breathtaking gorges, picturesque peaks, serene lakes, tropical forests, aboriginal peoples, stunningly ornate temples, neon-clad cities and decaying Qing dynasty courtyard houses, all contained in an island only 250 miles long and less than 100 miles wide.

Taiwan was first settled by Austronesians who had traveled across the Pacific (and still exist in remote mountainous and island communities). Later, waves of emigrants from southeastern China came to the island to escape famine and persecution. In the last half millennia Taiwan has served as a colony for the Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese, and a retreat for the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) when they were forced out of China by Mao Zedong’s communists. Free from the purges of the Cultural Revolution across the water on the mainland, “the other China” has managed to keep its cultural legacy far more intact and accessible than its big brotherly neighbour – you’ll still see offering tables laid out and ghost money being burnt on the street on auspicious days of the month, noisy processions and keenly celebrated festivals.



New Taiwan Dollar




Approx. 23.5 Million


GMT +8


Taiwanese Mandarin


Buddhism & Taoism


Taipei (TPE) - Kaohsiung (KHH) - Taichung (RMQ)

Weather & Climate

Coolest time: November to February – Hottest Time: July to September

Wettest time: July to September – Driest Time: ovember to March

Our favourite time: October to December & March to May

The belt of mountains which runs along the centre of Taiwan lends a diverse climate to such a small island. Throughout the summer (April to October) the entire country experiences high temperatures and humidity, although cool escapes are offered by mountains, the ocean, regular rainstorms and the occasional typhoon. Typhoons (known elsewhere as tropical cyclones or hurricanes) regularly hit Taiwan between June and October and can occasionally arrive as late as November. Although they can be tracked, their exact course cannot be forecast and during such times itineraries may need to be adjusted. Likewise, after a typhoon roads may be closed and we may have to alter our route accordingly.

Winters can be cool and wet in the north, but south of the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan rarely sees temperatures lower than 15°C/60°F, and in the height of winter, Kenting can still enjoy sunny days peaking in the high 20s °C (mid 80s °F). Taiwan experiences a rainy season which tends to arrive in May or June and finish in August. Whilst the north continues to get some rain throughout the winter, this is the south’s driest time, with clear, sunny warm days.

When is the best time to visit Taiwan?

Overall, Spring (March-May) and Autumn (October-December) are the best times to visit Taiwan, when temperatures and humidity are more comfortable and there is little rainfall (especially in Autumn). This said, hot spring pools are best appreciated in the middle of winter, and if you can take the heat and are prepared for the slight risk of typhoon disruption, Taiwan’s wilderness is at its bountiful best in summer, trees laden down with tropical fruits, and a dip in the ocean or a stream is always at hand to cool down. Taiwan is a year-round destination.

Avg temperatures in Taipei, July is the hottest month
Avg rainfall by month for Taipei
Average temperatures by month for Kaohsiung
In Kaohsiung the months with the heaviest rain are June to September

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