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Why Visit Laos by Bike?

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Why Visit Laos by Bike?

Zanny MerulloBy Zanny Merullo   Posted 21st Aug 2019

When most people think of bicycle touring in Asia, perhaps their minds jump to Thailand or Vietnam, skipping over the mountainous country of Laos. Wondering what sets Laos apart as a cycling destination? Look no further.

The People

One of the many charms of Laos is its people. Similar to other parts of Southeast Asia where friendly locals are a highlight of any visit, Laos also boasts warm and welcoming faces. Along your tour, you’ll have the chance to talk with locals, see their daily lives, and even visit some of the hill tribe communities of the mountains. There, you can learn about Hmong and Khmu people and their fascinating cultures.


the Plains of Jars in Laos

Yearning for the Asia of another time, before tourists, flooded the region? Look no further than Laos, one of the best-preserved countries in Southeast Asia. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang is almost exactly as it has been for centuries. The city’s geographic isolation has meant that the architecture and ways of the locals have remained intact over the years. 

As you cycle through the city and explore the countryside of Laos for yourself, you will see locals in traditional dress everywhere. Lao culture is full of rich traditional ceremonies, and it’s likely you’ll pedal past a gathering of locals in a small village who are celebrating some major life event together. 

The vistas

Lush landscape of Laos

Seeking the best views in Southeast Asia? Visiting Laos, you’re in the right place. Many of the mountains in Laos are the distant foothills of the Himalayas, meaning that they provide spectacular and dramatic views. Most of the cycling in Laos is either over mountains, through verdant valleys, or along winding roads through rice paddies and thick forests. Check out our Landscapes of Laos blog for a more in-depth look at the vistas that await you...

Unless you’ve spent some time in Laos and other parts of Asia, you probably aren’t familiar with limestone karsts. These craggy hills made of limestone deposits and other minerals may be nothing like you’ve ever seen before and jut out of the landscape in picturesque ways that will surely stick in your mind long after your tour is over.  


Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos is one of the best destinations for eco-tourism, with plenty of natural activities, sustainable initiatives, and desire to decrease the environmental impacts of visitors. Locals practice subsistence agriculture, which you will see as you cycle past vast fields. To learn more about Eco-Tourism in Laos, read here

Travel with a conscience as you explore the natural wonders Laos has to offer. Visit a moon bear sanctuary with your family and support the protection of these fascinating creatures through your visit. Touring by bike is one of the most ecologically responsible ways to visit a country!

The food

Laos Food

Although Lao food may not be well-known on an international scale the way some of the cuisines of Southeast Asia are, many local specialties are not to be missed. You’ll often find the sharp flavors of roasted garlic and chili in many Lao dishes, as well as fried seaweed and spicy noodle soup.

For those who are hesitant to devour spicy food, Laos is an ideal destination. Much of the food is cooked without hot pepper, served instead with chili paste on the side so you can choose how much heat you are willing to try. Have a look at Food from Northern Laos to learn more about local specialties, but be warned that you may come away from the page hungrier than before! 

Inspired to visit Laos yet? Take a look at our varied itineraries in this fascinating country and come explore Laos with us!




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