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Top Tour Moments

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Top Tour Moments

ChristieBy Christie   Posted 19th May 2020

Adventures bring out the magic in life. Facing challenges together, exploring new cultures, the big and small moments reminding us how precious it is. Briefly, time stops and we take in the funny, the crazy, the touching — grateful for the experience. At Grasshopper, these experiences fill our email inboxes, our social media, and our own memories. Below we enjoy the privilege of sharing some of these top tour moments from both guests and staff with you!

Dash riding behind dad

Clotho Family | Dash’s Song, Cambodia

Clotho family joined a couple of Grasshopper tours. They kindly shared a fond memory of their son, Dash, on his first family bike tour in 2018.

My husband and I traveled all over the world on our bikes, but we took 6-year-old Dash on his first Grasshopper bike tour in Cambodia. I hoped that Dash enjoyed biking as much as us and I watched him over the last few days. He sings when he’s happy. On one of the last days, we pedaled through small villages, through warm air scented with flowers and food cooking. The sound of music drifted from open doors. Then I heard it: “Doo dah dee dum, Jackfruit! Dee dah dee do, Butterfly! Doo dah dee do Coconut! Dee dah dee do, little dog!” Dash sang along as he pedaled behind Brant, making up a song about everything he saw and lifting one hand off the handlebar to point it out. He was happy. That’s when I knew: we had another bike traveler in the family. 


Sumi and Pawel in Vietnam

Sumi | Cherished Differences, Vietnam

I cycled with my fiancé Pawel on a 7-day long self-guided tour in Vietnam. The self-paced rhythm of our holiday highlighted the trip. I enjoyed the freedom of cycling just with my partner and choosing where and when to break for lunch or an obligatory selfie. We even re-routed for some more adventure with evening relaxations by the pool with margaritas. However, the top tour moment prize goes to the Hai Van Pass ride. It showed how very different people we are. I love the climb, Pawel the downhill. Yet we saw how cycling together helps us to understand and cherish those differences. My favorite holiday by far, I look forward to the next — a more hilly one. Brace yourself, Pawel!


Alison and family tour moment

Alison | Daily Dose of Kindness, Sri Lanka

It's helpful, through this crazy time, to remember the fantastic trips I took through the years, even as I can't take trips right now. So many super memories. On my 2018 cycling tour in Sri Lanka, I stayed in the old fort at Galle for a few days. I loved staying there! I took the opportunity to cycle out along the seaside each day. Each of those days, I stopped at a friendly family's produce stand. The family was so kind and friendly — a mother, father, and their two little boys. We shared some nice conversations and they had some of the tastiest coconuts and bananas on the whole trip! The connection with that family remains the most special and sweetest memory.


Reece and the festival

Reece | A Loy Krathong Spectacle, Thailand

We cycled northern Thailand and just finished our final ride from several memorable days exploring with a really fun group. The transfer brought us into the heart of Chiang Mai, a city bursting at the seams with a growing carnival atmosphere. The annual Loy Krathong festival was in full swing and this city was ground zero for the event. We enjoyed a farewell dinner on the waterfront and gazed at the endless stream of flaming lanterns being launched into the evening sky. The spectacle of the event, the great company, the joy of the crowds, and the all-round festive atmosphere combined magically. The memory still makes me smile as I write this.


Simon and children high fives

Christie | The Simon Effect, Cambodia

Each group tour always exhibits different combined energy and dynamics. As a host, I found this intriguing and the source of my top tour moments! Each time, at least one “funny guy” joins the tour. I delight in watching this person stir things up within the group — usually to positive effect. On one particular Mekong Bike & Boat tour, Simon filled an inspiring version of this role. Exceptionally tall, with a bellowing voice, he caused eruptions of laughter from the local children we cycled past. He answered their excited “Hello! Hello!” with a musical “Why, hello there!”. Each time our group sat down for a meal, the table with Simon stood out. Everyone there stayed fully engaged in one of his conversation starters and often echoed with belly laughter. He thinks that life is too short to not dive straight into interesting topics and to see the humor in most everything. Cheers to that! 


  Jake and Sri Lanka tour group

Jake | Spinning on Knuckles Range, Sri Lanka

Knuckles Range! Two words I remember always. I woke up that early morning in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Our tour leader, Nishan, explained to us that today was a big challenge —12km uphill. No flat. I never pushed my body to this extreme before. As we hit the ascent, our group of 8 stuck together, smiling and pushing each other as we inched (literally) closer to the top. With the GPS turning off regularly due to low speeds (as low as 3kph), our legs spun for hours in the lowest gear as we edged our way closer. The feeling as we got to the top of that climb, remains unforgettable. Also Jenny — an Aussie lady in her mid 60's next to me — wore an amazing smile, and was exuberant that she did it! It made the day worth it and so much more!


Claire her father and older couple

Claire | Perspective & Perseverance, Vietnam

I gratefully experienced a cycle tour in Vietnam alongside my Dad, which made it even more special. The extreme difference in day 1 to the other 5 days became a memorable moment. We were caught out in a Typhoon on the first day of riding in Dalat, which made for pretty lousy riding conditions with the wind and hills. The days that followed with plenty of sunshine, however, compensated for this. I remember the sight clearly as we descended from Dalat into Nha Trang — a beautiful mountain section. A 75-year-old couple on the tour rode a tandem bike (couple goals!) and their determination throughout the trip inspired us! We finished up our tour in Hoi An as they continued on to Hai Van Pass. So strong! 


Steve profile pic

Steve | A Divine Dance, India

The trance-inducing music and dance performed by monks at the Vaishnavite Hindu monastery on Majuli Island felt mind-blowing. Truly the dance remains the most riveting and inspiring religious ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. And that top tour moment is just day one of the India Bike & Boat programs!

As long as the sun rises, adventure awaits! If that means taking an excursion away from home, try Asia. We love being the source of people’s “top tour moments” and exist to give the most memorable and genuine experiences possible. No matter the location of your next amazing moments, we wish everyone many magical surprises, humor, and connection on your travels. 




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