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Top 7 Bucket List tours for 2020

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Top 7 Bucket List tours for 2020

ReeceBy Reece   Posted 19th Dec 2019

What better time to turn your travel aspirations into reality than now? We've pulled together 7 inspiring bucket list tours, each with its own intrigue and personality, uniquely fit to 2020. Which experience best fits your vision for great memories in the upcoming year?

Sri Lanka by Bike

Sri Lanka by Bike tour Sri Lanka, the country has bounced back from the tragedies of early 2019 with renewed interest among those who canceled earlier travel plans, but also those who are curious to make it their next destination of choice. Trek stunning mountain overlooks, encounter animals and birdlife in national parks and safaris, and surround yourself with the cuisine and culture of Sri Lanka's welcoming people. 2020 is set to be a stellar year for Sri Lanka. 

Thailand Bike, Boat & Beach

Thailand Bike, Boat & Beach cruise tour Fresh off the heels of our inaugural departure and we're very excited about our latest tour in Thailand. This is one of the most diverse trips we offer, a true multi-adventure! There’s a wide range of activities to include cruising the river Kwai, non-cycling options for partners or friends who want to join, tropical islands, white beaches, kayaking, local culture and interaction, historical sites, island hopping and of course unforgettable riding. A must-do in 2020 for those who want a bit of everything!

Stunning Shikoku

Stunning Shikoku bike tour in Japan Interest in Japan ramps up in 2020 with the country set to host the Summer Olympics, and it will only continue to peak. The so-called Land of the Rising Sun is a true bucket-list destination. No other place combines deep-rooted traditions with the enthusiastic embrace of futuristic technology, quite as intriguing as Japan. An unforgettable variety of stunning sceneries and discoveries are set in these islands, as you pedal through rich evergreen forests, wild rivers, tiny towns, and over huge span bridges for spectacular panoramic views. If you are keen to visit this fascinating destination, then 2020 is the year to do it, on our most comprehensive tour of the country.

Highlands and Coast of Vietnam

Highlands & Coast of Vietnam bike tour A staple of our tour line-up in Vietnam, this trip has stood the test of time, consistently praised by guests as a fantastic experience. As the name states, this tour quite literally takes you from the coffee plantation highlands of central Vietnam down through the fishing villages and small towns along the coast. Its suitability for riders of varying skill levels and our years of experience running the tour, makes us confident this trip will leave you smiling from ear to ear, whether it's your first visit or fifth!

Bike Taiwan

Bike Taiwan tour Often overlooked as a holiday destination, the small island of Taiwan offers plenty for travelers and especially those wishing to explore it by bike. Known as a global hub for bicycle manufacturers, it has also spilled over into a very bike-friendly community that boasts some of the region's best cycle routes. Although small enough to be explored tip-to-tip on a compact itinerary, the country still manages to pack a lot into a relatively small footprint. Its striking east coast in particular has become a pilgrimage route for two-wheeled exploration and ranges from sparkling beaches to rugged coastline, mountain ranges and wide green valleys. Our Bike Taiwan tour is the most comprehensive trip we offer of the East Coast, come and join us in 2020.

India Bike & Boat the Brahmaputra

India Bike & Boat the Brahmaputra The Assam region in the northwest is not the stereotypical India you may have visions of. This region, nestled up against the foothills of the Himalayas, boasts an abundance of wildlife, national parks, history and culture. Escape the urban sprawls and experience India "Grasshopper-style", with plenty of time for comfort and relaxation as we cruise the Brahmaputra river, soaking up spectacular views from the deck. This is one of the most exciting trips we launched in 2019 and you'll need to be quick to join one of just two departures in 2020.

Bhutan Bike & Hike Adventure

Bike & Hike tour in Bhutan Bhutan has been voted #1 Country for 2020 in Lonely Planet's Best in Travel and for good reason. Strict policies on numbers of visitors, alongside a practiced and firm belief in living in harmony with nature, have instilled the kingdom with a preservation of culture and environment truly unique to the modern world. Enjoy hikes with Himalayan views and rides that include challenging climbs and thrilling descents, all amounting to a great sense of accomplishment amid the mystical surroundings.  Each of these adventure tours has a particular quality that makes it an extra special selection for this new decade. Whether your interest is mountains or coast, boating or hiking, culture or nature, you're sure to find numerous jewels in any one of these bucket list tours for 2020.




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