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Top 6 picks for e-bike tours in Asia

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Top 6 picks for e-bike tours in Asia

ReeceBy Reece   Posted 24th Jan 2020

Experiencing sensational locations does not have to be compromised due to steep climbs, ride length or even Father Time’s gift of age and injury. With our e-bikes, those gorgeous rolling hills keep their charm and longer trails can be explored with confidence at a wide range of ages and abilities. E-bikes offer a pedal assist, which amplifies your pedal stroke to your degree of choice in the LCD system, so you still need to put something in to get something out. We’ve highlighted six cycle tours below which have distinct advantages for considering an e-bike option on your next ride.

Vietnam -  Hilltribes of Ha Giang

Hilltribes of Ha Giang Plateau Vietnam bike tour A visually spectacular region with unforgettable cycling, the imposing hilly landscape is, unfortunately, a deterrent for many would-be adventurers. The e-bike levels the playing field without leveling the terrain. E-bike riders can enjoy views without worrying about the climb to that next spectacular pass. Although this tour is discontinued as of May 2020, in its place we have developed a special tour made exclusively for e-bikes - E-bike Vietnam.

E-bike of choice: Trek Conduit plus E-bike, lightweight and stylish, includes a mid-drive system for natural balance, and hydraulic disc brakes. 

Taiwan - Bike Taiwan

This Island nation boasts some pretty mountainous topography in parts, like most countries that circle the Pacific's Ring of Fire. This range runs tip to tip mostly parallel to the east coast. But for those not keen on climbing there is a merciful buffer zone of relatively flat land sandwiched between the mountains and Sea. So for much of this tour, you can enjoy the mountain and ocean views without the burning legs. That said, we do venture into the hills on some days, taking on more manageable climbs to enjoy striking views and some fun descents. Those with an e-bike will appreciate the added assurance on these days, comfortable that the next climb will be as enjoyable as the last. 

E-bike of choice: Giant Fast E+ E-bike, lightweight aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork, and hydraulic disc brakes

Thailand  - Southern Thailand Adventure for Families

Southern Thailand for families bike tour Family trips can be an unforgettable bonding experience especially when you are all engaged in activities together rather than trying to compromise on what to do and see during your trip. We are not recommending e-bikes on this tour because of the challenging riding, but it's sometimes the case in a family group that some riders are stronger than others. An e-bike ensures everyone enjoys the ride and it's a great boost if you are worried about towing a tag-along bike or kids seat during the journey.

E-bike of choice: Cannondale Trail Neo 2 E-bike, supremely comfortable, with great front suspension and stylish integrated battery

Japan - Stunning Shikoku

Japan is a must-see and only set to get more popular after the 2020 Olympics, so why not beat the crowds and enjoy it sooner rather than later? The Stunning Shikoku trip covers 10 days and features a large variety of riding: islands, evergreen forests, rivers, and bridges. Those worried about some of the longer routes or hilly stretches can book confidently with an e-bike option, knowing that short hill climb tomorrow is going to be memorable for all the right reasons.

E-bike of choice: Yamaha Cross Core E-bike, designed for ultimate comfort and power with a class-leading lightweight frame

Sri Lanka -  Sri Lanka by Bike

The fairytale-like highlands and Tea plantations of Sri Lanka are one of the highlights of this tour, but also can be a deterrent for some riders, especially those hesitant about knee or hip strain. Ascents are almost always short but typically come in quick high energy busts, which could place a little apprehension in the minds of some riders. With an e-bike, you'll be enjoying the climbs as much as the descents and can explore the highlands without requiring a massage each night (which is still an option of course).

E-bike of choice: Trek Conduit plus E-bike, lightweight and stylish, includes a mid-drive system for natural balance, and hydraulic disc brakes

Cambodia - Karma Cambodia

Cambodia bike tour Though almost entirely flat terrain, Cambodia’s temples, tropical rainforests, and quiet country backroads still have great benefits viewed from the seat of an e-bike. This tour brings you to northern Cambodia’s last historic Khmer Rouge stronghold, through French colonial-style towns, and ends in southern Cambodia at the beach. For longer days during warmer months, the heat can make a ride more challenging than normal, so an e-bike is a wonderful option to enjoy a longer route and still have plenty of energy to high-five local children, excited to see you pass through their village. Without fear of the heat or keeping up with your touring friends, you’re free to focus on having a great experience in the Kingdom of Wonder. Although this tour is discontinued as of May 2020, our Cycle Angkor to the Sea tour offers many similar highlights and is perfect for e-bikes. Be it a classic bicycle or pedal assist, we look forward to seeing you on a ride!

E-bike of choice: Cannondale Trail Neo 2 E-bike, supremely comfortable, with great front suspension and stylish battery integrated into the frame Whether it’s to have a more pleasant ride through the hills, ease into a longer distance itinerary, or generally enjoy riding in a more relaxed state-of-mind, e-bikes can be a great solution. 




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