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Top 5 Bike Tours for Foodies in Asia

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Top 5 Bike Tours for Foodies in Asia

JinBy Jin   Posted 28th Apr 2017

These are all select multi-day cycle trips that showcase a country's food particularly well. For those with a little less time make sure to check out the appetizing selection of Half-day Food Tours also in this list.

1 - Myanmar

“Shan State is the garden of Myanmar and produces the majority of vegetables so these are fresh and tasty (great tomatoes and potatoes!); there's lake fish at Inle plus a great variety of fruit. There's also a few different kinds of specialty rice cracker; they grow coffee and different types of tea, one of which goes into the unique "laphet thoke" - the fermented green tea leaf salad, a local dish quite popular with visitors. Inle, Bagan & The Irrawaddy tour allows you to explore this region's unique food and also include a trip to Bagan, the renowned ancient temple town” - Steve Locke - Country Manager Myanmar

2- Vietnam

Tour Choice - Mekong in Style

“The Mekong Delta is often referred to as Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’ but it’s much much more. The region produces the majority of the country’s fresh fruits and vegetables. On the Mekong Delta in Style tour we visit the largest wholesale produce market at Vinh Kim, where hundreds of vendors sell produce for distribution along the entire length of Vietnam. The Delta is now also the country’s top producing region for cocoa. Vietnam’s up and coming prominence in chocolate production was recently featured in the NY Times. On tour we sample raw cocoa and see the fermentation method that results in award winning, Marou chocolate.” - Stephen Grace - Grasshopper Adventures Brand Ambassador

Day tour alternative:
Hoi An Food Tour By Bike (Hoi An)

3 - Cambodia

“Cambodia’s cuisine is often underrated when compared to its neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, however there are still plenty of tasty local delights to discover when cycling across the country. The Cycle Angkor to the Sea tour introduces you to a wide spectrum of Cambodian cuisine. From Siem Reap you explore Tonle Sap lake and its abundance of freshwater fish and other natural food resources. Heading toward the coast you can experience Kampot’s world renowned fresh picked pepper, which gives a very unique and delicious flavor to southern Cambodian cooking. Finally along the coast at Kep and Sihanoukville we experience a plethora of seafood delicacies. No fish on ice here as the seafood is fresh caught daily. This tour is one of the best routes to discover the diversity of Cambodian cooking.” - Daniel Roper Jones - Grasshopper’s Visual Media Editor

4 - Thailand

“Thai cuisine is well known and loved around the world and fresh seafood basically speaks for itself, combine the two together and you have a match made in heaven! We have a handful of tours that explore Thailand’s beautiful coastline with Cycle Bangkok to Phuket being our newest offering. It truly is one for the cyclists and foodies, connecting two of the country’s iconic destinations via quiet back-tracks and tropical coastal roads and along the way we really focused on picking out the best places for food from what is already an impressive line-up. The seafood you can try here is some of the best the country has to offer." - William Tuffin - Country Manager Thailand

Day tour alternatives:
Chiang Mai Food Adventures by Bike (Chiang Mai)

5 - ???

Editor's Choice:

Picking from the above selection is no easy task as each country and trip brings it own unique strengths to the culinary table. So why not try as many as possible in one go!?

The Bangkok to Saigon Explorer offers just such an opportunity, winding along a culinary odyssey between these two iconic Southeast Asian capitals. The journey travels from Thailand, through to Cambodia and the ancient temples of Angkor, before heading south to the fertile Mekong Delta in Vietnam, winding up in the buzzing Southern capital of Saigon. This is a multi-country bike and food tour of grand proportions, allowing you to sample gastronomic highlights from each destination and maybe even decide for yourself which takes top spot!

There you have it our Top 5 Bike Tours for Foodies in Asia, but in no particular order and by no means a definitive list. All Grasshopper Adventures tours go out of their way to showcase a destination country's culinary highlights and with over 90+ tours operating in 14 countries it's impossible to pick a favourite. Our top tip - Try as many as possible!



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