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Life Behind Bars: Meet Sokthin

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Life Behind Bars: Meet Sokthin

Navy LunBy Navy Lun   Posted 20th Apr 2023

Say hello to our Operations Manager, Sokthin!

Welcome to another episode of Life Behind Bars... handlebars that is!

What makes a fantastic Grasshopper Operations Manager? Well, a love of riding certainly helps, and Sokthin (pronounced Sok-tin) definitely has that, but an eye for detail and managing a diverse set of teams is where his operational talents really shine, and he’s been doing it for more than 12 years! 

When Sokthin isn’t out exploring the world by bike, he’s busy managing our guides and ground teams to make sure your adventure is as seamless as possible.  
We grabbed a brief moment in his busy day so you can discover a little bit more about him...

Sokthin cycling through countryside

What do you like about working at Grasshopper?

"Aside from my passion for biking... Grasshopper has a focus on the well-being of guests, and that focus extends to the people and environment in the communities we visit. I’m proud to work with an operator that upholds those standards - And did I also mention the biking!"
 Team at Angkor Wat

What is the most interesting part of your job?

"Working and learning alongside people from all over the world, and of course, exploring cycle routes in exciting new destinations!
Connecting with people and nature in new corners of the world is endlessly fascinating to me."

Sokthin with the khmer traditional kite

What do you like to do outside of work?

"I like cycling (surprise!) I also still really enjoy exploring my home country of Cambodia by bike. Getting outdoors, visiting small rural communities, and meeting interesting new characters is something I have always enjoyed, and believe I will continue to enjoy in the future."

Fish Amok Cambodian Signature Dish

A couple of questions about your home country. What is your favorite food from Cambodia?

"My favorite food is fish amok, which is quite popular among visitors too. It’s a subtle and slightly sweet curry, made with fish, that is traditionally cooked and presented in a banana leaf. I’m not into very spicy or sour foods, which you may find funny because spicy and sour flavors are quite popular across the region. I suppose my tastes just developed a bit differently"

Koh Rong Island in Cambodia

What is your favorite place to visit in Cambodia, and why?

"It's Koh Rong Island, in the south of the country. The white sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, and tropical climate make for an island paradise and a great getaway. I may not be able to ride much there, but I can definitely relax and unwind in such an idyllic setting."

Chiang Dao Chiang Mai

Where would you like to travel next?

"I’m considering a trip to Chiang Mai and the surrounding countryside, in the north of Thailand. There is a lot of history and natural beauty in this area, and it's popular among bike riders. I'd probably try and mix a little bit of work with a bit of recreation to make the most of my visit. I can't wait!"

Sokthin Cycling with other cyclist
What's the longest ride you have done?

"My longest ride in a single day was in December 2021, riding from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with a group of friends. It was 314 km and took me 12 hours! I was pretty proud of that effort. I have done longer trips over multiple days, but that one takes the cake for pushing my boundaries.
Guests shouldn’t worry though, that's not our riding style on Grasshopper tours! Our guides get a feel for the group first and set a comfortable pace accordingly, the perfect ride is one that everyone gets to enjoy."

Sokthin riding in a city

To wrap up on a light note, can you share a fun story from your childhood?

"I used to believe that I could fly, like a superhero in the movies. Sometimes I even tried it by jumping from high tree branches or hills. Luckily, I survived those attempts and eventually came to terms with my gravity-bound state.
Thankfully I am still here today to do what I love! Working with the most engaging and friendly bike tour guides and ground teams in the world."

Thanks for your time Sokthin!

Guests may be lucky enough to catch Sokthin on tour, working with guides and ground teams, or even out spinning the wheels around the temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you'd like to experience our 5-star rated trips firsthand, make sure to check out our collection of tours.




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