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Day Tours Move from Grasshopper to Discova

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Day Tours Move from Grasshopper to Discova

Lirene CilliersBy Lirene Cilliers   Posted 14th Feb 2024

As Grasshopper Adventures continues to grow and evolve, it's time to announce a transition that signals the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Alas, the day has come when we bid a fond farewell to our beloved day tours.  

We’re passing the day tour baton with joy and confidence to the capable hands of our sister company, Discova, so those who have shared the roads with us can continue to indulge in the pleasure of guided day or half-day exploration. Meanwhile we’ll be focusing our attention completely on our multi-day tour range. 

Eager to keep the day tour wheels spinning? Dive into Discova's array of day tours right here and pedal on to fresh experiences. 

For the curious minds, you can find out the 'why' behind this change below... 

A Pedal Down Memory Lane: The Day Tours History 

Our day tours have journeyed far and wide, making a meaningful impact while treading lightly. From humble beginnings on the dusty trails of South-East Asia, these daily adventures served up excitement on a silver bicycle to over 20,000+ guests across nine remarkable destinations. 

These tours have done far more than just provide a day of fun. They've been instrumental in establishing a robust footprint in key destinations by fostering strong local relationships and employing talented community members. At its peak, our passionate day tour team comprised over 50 individuals across 9 different locations, contributing to the sustainable growth of these areas. 

These tracks remain a testament to our journey so far but also serve as guiding lines for future expansion as we continue to spread joy, one pedal stroke at a time.

The Crossroads: Our Decision to Move Away 

We've always believed in doing what we do best—and with total commitment. So, it's time we give 100% focus to what we've grown to love more than anything—multi-day tours.  

With new tour styles and destinations en route, we are revving up our engines (or, should we say, oiling up our chains?). Though we can't spill all the details just yet, stay assured that we're committed to providing multi-day travel experiences that are more exciting, immersive, and unforgettable than ever before. 

Keep an eye on our website or join over 14,000 like-minded adventurers by signing up for our emails to be the first to know what's coming next!

A New Dawn: Day Tours with Discova 

As we wave goodbye to our beloved day tours, we are moved but also exhilarated to be passing the baton to our close colleagues at Discova. With their years of experience, hands-on approach and in-house training from our team, they are all saddled up to lead our cycling day tours, in addition to their existing line-up of exciting day trips, from walking and food excursions to sightseeing. 

You can leap directly into their immersive world of experiences here

For anything related to day tours, feel free to reach out via email: daytours@discova.com 

Pedaling Towards New Horizons 

As we cycle into tomorrow's adventures, we take a moment to cherish the bonds and memories we've created. Your enthusiasm has been more than just wind at our backs—it's been the very essence of our journey. 

Though the roads ahead may have their twists and turns, our commitment to crafting exceptional experiences remains steadfast. Together, we look to horizons filled not just with routes to be ridden but also with stories to be lived and told. 

Thank you for every shared sunrise and sunset and for every laugh and tale exchanged over the miles. Stay with us as we not only change gears but expand the map, curating bicycle-based journeys that go beyond the beaten path to the heart of adventure.


And to that end, our next chapter is not just a plan but a promise—to deliver the extraordinary, the unique, and the unforgettable with every journey we embark on. Ready your spirit—you're not just our guests; you're our fellow explorers, essential to every new trail we blaze. Together, let's make the road ahead our most memorable yet. 

For a taste of the expanded adventures that await, keep an eye out on our website, or become part of the Grasshopper community by signing up for our emails to be the first to know what's coming next! 

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