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Bike & Boat tours – the best of both worlds

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Bike & Boat tours - the best of both worlds

JinBy Jin   Posted 25th Mar 2019

Enjoy casual cycling but also like to try some other activities while on a vacation? Have a non-cycling partner or friends? We have the perfect adventures for you. Introducing our new range of Bike & Boat tours - the latest way to experience Asia in style and leisure.

The concept itself has been hugely popular in Europe, but it's new in Asia. In many ways it shares some similarities with regular cycling tours, as Bike & Boat tours can still take you cycling through beautiful landscapes and exploring off-the-beaten-track during the day. But at night, instead of a regular hotel, you can unwind and enjoy the changing scenery from the boat deck.

Here are some benefits and reasons why you and your friends should consider Bike & Boat tour for your next trip to Asia.

India Bike & Boat tour one-horned rhino

The rare one-horned rhino seen on India, Bike & Boat the Brahmaputra tour

1. Catered to non-cyclists

Bike & Boat tours are perfect for groups with different levels of passion for cycling. Non-riders can join special activities organized for them, like visiting local communities, seeing wildlife on a safari or historically significant locations while riders are out cycling. Or just relax and enjoy the cruise from the deck. There is always something for everyone on a Bike & Boat tour.

Thailand Bike Beach Boat tour RV Rivwe Kwai

The RV River Kwai boat is our luxurious home on Thailand Bike, Boat & Beach tour

2. Travel in style and leisure

In each region, we work with a boat operator to choose the best fit for our tours, seeking elegant yet safety and comfort at the same time. Our classic riverboats have 10 cabins with comfortable beds, air conditioners and ensuite bathrooms. Not to mention our fantastic boat crew, who will be your hosts for the duration of the trip, serving your meals and attending to your every need.

Mekong Bike & boat cabin room

A cabin on Toum Tiou - Luxury Mekong Riverboat

3. No unpacking and repacking every day

Yes, we admit it! Hopping from hotel to hotel, unpacking and repacking every day is sometimes no fun, especially after a long day on a bicycle seat. For Bike & Boat tours, you don't have to worry about this, as your boat will be your “floating hotel" for most of the time on the journey.

Bike & boat tour in Thailand

A cozy atmosphere on the deck for socializing

4. Group camaraderie

With a maximum group size of 20 people, you can expect to have an intimate group dynamic yet still have space for some solo time. Between riding as a group and living onboard, you will develop friendships with fellow bike-and-boaters. Shared spaces like the decks, lounges and bar area easily create a social atmosphere for relaxing, swapping stories and getting to know each other.

Cycling part of Mekong Bike & boat tour

Cycling the Mekong Delta

5. Land and river life

Bike & Boat tours offer you the best of both worlds: cruise vacation and adventure travel. Stay active and have memorable experiences cycling through stunning landscapes and countryside far from tourist spots. Then board to have some solid relaxing time and enjoy ever-changing sightseeing from the deck. While the boat is big enough to bring comfort and leisure to our guests, it's small enough to navigate the narrow waterways so you will get to see the local riverlife, especially in the Mekong Delta area.

India bike & Boat tour

Enjoy some leisure on the sun deck

6. Rest day onboard

Don’t feel like cycling every day? Take a rest day on board, enjoy the river views from your cabin or on deck. Or join our non-rider activities for a change. Whatever suits you best for the maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

Bike & Boat tours are truly the best of both worlds, and a great choice for couples, families, groups of friends looking for a unique holiday to experience the world. Stay active the whole way or relax onboard, we have everything covered.






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