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Beyond the Highlights of Sri Lanka’s Heartland

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Beyond the Highlights of Sri Lanka's Heartland

JakeBy Jake   Posted 23rd May 2019

Racing from place to place has never been what we do best at Grasshopper Adventures. At the risk of sounding a little cliche, our real focus is on designing itineraries which give guests a genuine experience in a country, and sometimes slowing things down is the best way to achieve this...

Sri Lanka Country Manager, Jake Stalker, shares creating and riding Grasshopper’s Sri Lanka Heritage Cycle tour and what you can also experience in the country. (*Please note: this particular tour is discontinued, but you can still join us on our other cycle tours in Sri Lanka)

Sigiriya Historical tour Sri Lanka

“Sigiriya is one of those places that just blows you away. Having lived in Cambodia for the past 5 years I could only compare it to my first glimpse of the staggering Angkor Wat towers, or the fascinating detail in the carved smiling faces of the famous Bayon temple. But Sigiriya has something even more enticing - a peaceful and less-explored surrounding, which allows the chance to experience the ‘real Sri Lanka’.

Sigiriya sunset countryside view

We designed the Sri Lanka Heritage Cycle as a short escape, but one which still gives visitors a big dose of Sri Lanka's rich cultural history at Sigiriya & Dambulla and the opportunity to see what others don’t, beyond the main tourist sites.

Craftsman wood carving - Sri Lanka handicrafts tour

In the itinerary, we spend two nights at Sigiriya. Day one we climb the stunning Lions Rock, perfectly timed to enjoy it during sunset and the chance to capture that iconic postcard shot. But day two is all about seeing what others don’t and giving the area the time it deserves.

Bird spotting in Sri Lanka - Wildlife Tour

We head out beyond Lion’s Rock on a 45km cycle loop of the area. Along the way visiting local villages and learning about their lives, which is an ideal way to slow down and connect. During the ride you’ll also see (and hear) the local wildlife and birdlife of the area, with the Grasshopper guides well oiled for any critter related questions you might have!

Sri Lankan dishes - Local dinner

Tonight is the icing on the cake though, as we get out of the hotel and make our way to a local family home to enjoy a home-cooked dinner. Our hosts for the evening will make you feel warmly welcomed and at home, so much so that they actually played a major role in my decision to launch this tour to begin with.

Local family dinner - Sri Lanka Tour

Food as a means of bringing people together is something universal, seen in cultures throughout the world, and in this instance it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know Sri Lanka on a deeper personal level. This evening you’ll experience that connection to the local community at its best, as we share stories of wildly different life experiences, all with big laughs and smiles.

Tea country cycling - Sri Lanka Tour

The next few days of the itinerary are designed to include other key sites at Dambulla and Kandy, but to do so in a unique way, getting you away from the crowds and into some stunning tea country riding! These are just as outstanding as the first two days, offering the riding and highlights that sets Grasshopper Adventures' tours apart.

Dambulla Historic Site - Tour Sri Lanka

Please note: the Sri Lanka Heritage tour has been discontinued, but you can still join us on our other cycle tours in Sri Lanka. We hope to see you soon.

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