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Best Bike Tours for Casual or First-Time Riders in 2021

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Best Bike Tours for Casual or First-Time Riders in 2021

ChristieBy Christie   Posted 21st Jan 2021

Sometimes the cycling mood calls for low-key effort and the ability to slow down and appreciate your surroundings. In other cases, it may be your first bike tour or you are still building the confidence to move from beginner rider to intermediate or advanced cyclist. Whatever the case may be, several of our tours are crafted with just this type of adventure in mind. Casual riding is particularly accessible with Grasshopper Adventures, due to the range of countries and terrains our tours cover. This can be further extended with the use of e-bikes in what were previously more demanding locations. If you are looking for just such a trip in the year ahead, you might be surprised by the variety of bike tours available for casual or first-time bike tourers. Here are our top picks for 2021:

Cannondale E-bike

E-Bike Tours

Let the power of electric-assist ease your mind and preserve your energy to better enjoy your end destination. Our e-bike specific tours enhance the touring options for any level of cyclists. This makes sure everyone is on the same playing field. Pedal-assist helps you comfortably cover longer distances in a shorter time. That puts more focus on enjoying the surroundings and less on the effort.

Cycling Shikoku

Japan E-Bike Tour

2021 is sure to be a special year for Japan, with the Olympics leading the charge. The beautiful island tour of Shikoku covers a variety of incredibly diverse and scenic landscapes, and you can appreciate it up close and personal when cycle touring. On the e-bike you can enjoy more compact ride days with plenty of extra time to experience the daily destinations. We make the most of that extra time to appreciate sacred temples, amazing food, hot spring baths, ancient castles, sake breweries and all the full-on hospitality of Japanese culture. The Japan E-bike Tour is the perfect adventure in Japan for those wishing to enjoy a less strenuous ride or guests new to cycle touring.

Traditional farming near Dalat

Vietnam E-Bike Tour

The geography of Vietnam is endlessly stunning, not to even mention the food and culture. But, this beautiful landscape can sometimes be intimidating to the first-time tourer or those seeking an easy ride. This E-bike grand tour encompasses the highlands of Vietnam, famous beaches like Quy Nhon, and winds up in the heritage-listed town of Hoi An. The pedal assist allows you to cover a satisfying amount of distance while making the most of the daily destinations. Experience Vietnam’s rich customs and ancient culture first-hand without hesitations.


Bike & Boat Tours

If there was ever a tour that successfully combined a variety of travel, activity, relaxation and comfort — Bike & Boat tours are it. Experience your destination, up-close via bicycle and then cruise in calm tranquility on your floating hotel in the afternoon. These tours include a short and long ride option each day, or optional walking tours for anyone wanting to break from the bike. This is also perfect for noncyclists who wish to join the trip as well.

Toum Tiou II

Mekong Bike & Boat Cruise

This trip that got popular fast! The Mekong Bike & Boat tour combines the best of both worlds, exploring by bike or foot, while cruising the Mekong River and Delta region. From lively Saigon to Siem Reap, the home of Angkor Wat, take in the unique cultures and delicious local cuisines. An excellent tour option for the casual rider or starter cyclist looking for flexibility in their tour experience. Spanning two countries, you’ll cycle through almost entirely flat terrain during the day. Each evening you’ll return to your cabins of comfort and style.

> Discover more about Bike & Boat trips.


Kayaking in Fortescue Bay

Muli-Active Adventure Tours

A particularly unique part of our new North America and Australia tours are the active adventures that happen beyond two wheels. We keep the intensity of cycling lower so you’re fresh and ready to enjoy kayaking, hiking or maybe even a seaplane flight!


Starting in the world-heritage Florida Everglades then to Key West and beyond, the Florida Everglades & Key West tour is an exciting combination. Explore multiple exquisite water systems through many forms of active adventure. Your comfortable cycling experience begins in the exotic wilderness of Shark Valley. You’ll airboat into the Everglades and kayak through historic mangroves, before returning to the bikes to cycle across Florida’s scenic Overseas Highway. The optional extension provides a truly unique experience, with a seaplane flight to the Dry Tortugas National Park where the renowned Fort Jefferson awaits, surrounded by majestic coral reefs ripe for snorkeling.

Cape Raoul Tasmania, picture courtesy of Tasmania Parks and Wildlife


“The Tasmanian way of living” alludes to the experience of getting away to the island state, and living in both nature and the moment. On our Tasmanian Bike, Hike & Kayak tour, we facilitate a connection to the natural surroundings, local artisans and a fresh perspective of this wild and beautiful place. You’ll cycle the gentle backroads and trails of the island’s northeast, exploring wineries, galleries, oyster farms and more. A hike brings us to Wineglass Bay, the dolerite peaks of Cape Raoul and we top it all off kayaking the stunning waters of the Tasmanian peninsula.

Guest taking a photo at Taroko Gorge

Slow, Scenic & Beyond

Some of our tours are perfect for casual riders or novice tourer, simply because you can take it slow. In the following tours, there is so much to absorb and indulge in that a beginner’s pace just makes sense. Enjoy the varieties of terrain, the incredible changing landscapes and, of course, the food. They offer a perfect union of pleasure-seeking, adventure and active exploration.

Taroko, Taiwan

East Taiwan Self-Guided

A cyclist’s dream, the island of Taiwan has show-stopping trails with an amazing network of local cycling support. Our self-guided tour is probably more suited for moderate to intermediate riders, but the self-guided style lets you take it at a casual pace desired. This tour provides the structure of a carefully crafted route. It starts through the famous Taroko Gorge (but, downhill of course!) and on to the East Rift Valley. We provide an audio guide that suggests excellent eateries and tucked away must-see stops that help you connect with locals. The cycling follows well-made roads, gently undulating along until just one steep but short ascent. This is rewarded with a long descent over the gorgeous Coastal Mountain Range. An amazing way to seek out your own adventure!

Cruising the Coast cyclists

Cruising the Coast to Samui

What’s not to love about this tour? The price, the beach, the achievability, the delicious food and we haven’t even mentioned the riding yet! Follow the southern coastline of Thailand, biking through back roads and National Parks to experience a relaxed and fun connection with the locals. You’ll cycle primarily flat terrain with the occasional small hills and an air-conditioned support van is always accessible if you feel like a break. On our Cruising the Coast tour, spend five fantastic days exploring the Gulf of Thailand on two wheels and soaking in the Thai culture at a pace that works for everyone.



With a selection like this, casual riders or first-time bike tourers can find their niche in a beautiful location in 2021, while enjoying the full experience of a Grasshopper-quality tour. Get a boost from E-bike technology, cruise along the river between rides, or take a slower pace through especially breath-taking scenery — or all three! Whether your style is to go simply by bike or take on a variety of activities, there is something suited for your active adventure pleasure. Feel free to check out the tours above or contact our team to help you choose the best fit.

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