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Keeping Business Moving: Behind the scenes with Grasshopper Mechanics

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Keeping Business Moving: Behind the scenes with Grasshopper Mechanics

JakeBy Jake   Posted 23rd Aug 2019

With a fleet of over 120 bikes, ranging from mountain bikes to hybrid road/mountain bikes, kids bikes & tagalongs, it’s no small feat to keep the bikes moving and in tip-top shape for our guests from around the world. 

Responsible for this task in Cambodia are 5 young Khmer guys: Bunthai, Chally, Des, Theara, and Rong. Dedicated is the word that comes to mind when we think of the way these guys work every day to keep our bikes safe and ready for our adventures. 


Each Cambodia Grasshopper store location, including Siem Reap, is equipped with a fully-fledged bike mechanic workshop. This is the primary workspace for our mechanics as they conduct safety checks, minor services, full services and complete overhauls of our bikes. Each bike is meticulously checked before every tour to ensure that it's safe to ride and ready to roll. 

Equipment to Make Riding Easier:

Our mechanics are experts at tailoring the bikes to be the perfect ride for our guests. It all starts with the guests' height which we collect during the signup process. The mechanics than match a perfectly-suited bike to each guest based on this information. 

At the start of the tour, our mechanics are on standby to make finer adjustments to the bikes fitting guests out so they will ride comfortably and ensuring you have the right size helmet. And catering to the most important part of all - your butt! All the bikes, you may notice, are fitted with an extra comfy seat which we install ourselves after taking out the stock seat to ensure a supremely comfortable ride.

Road Safety:

The mechanics’ job doesn’t stop in the workshop - for tours with larger groups, the mechanics are out on the road supporting the cyclists. They are specially trained in road safety to ensure you can move through the city & jungle with ease and safety. 

What Do They Do In Their Downtime:

Our mechanics live and breath cycling. Often as they clock off, our mechanics are changing into their own cycling gear, getting their road bikes out of storage and heading off to Siem Reap’s only mountain climb - Phnom Kroam for training. A few take cycling to the next level and compete on a national level, with our senior mechanic Bunthai often taking a podium position in these contests while proudly sporting a Grasshopper Adventures cycling jersey. 

If you are joining us on a bike tour in Cambodia take the time to say hello to our mechanics, as they love engaging with guests and knowing that their work is appreciated!




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