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20 of Asia’s Best Activities for Active Travelers: Part 2 of 2

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20 of Asia's Best Activities for Active Travelers: Part 2 of 2

Lirene CilliersBy Lirene Cilliers   Posted 11th Jun 2024

You've embarked on an exciting journey with us through Asia's diverse landscapes to discover 20 of Asia’s Best Activities for Active Travelers like you.  

Part 1 was just the beginning, now we invite you to explore even further. Leaning on our 20 years of experience, we've handpicked 10 more exciting activities for you. Prepare to paddle down tranquil rivers, hike hidden trails, and immerse yourself in activities that go beyond the ordinary. 

Soak in an Onsen in Japan

With 27,671 onsens spread across Japan, it would be a crime not to rejuvenate in one! 

These thermal baths are scattered across the country, each offering a unique experience often influenced by their location. You’ll find seaside onsens with views of crashing waves, mountainous onsens set against the backdrop of Japan’s rugged peaks, and urban onsens offering a tranquil oasis within bustling cities.  

Some of the most famous regions renowned for their onsens include Hakone, known for its views of Mount Fuji; Beppu, and Noboribetsu in Hokkaido, famed for its mineral-rich waters.  

From mud onsens and natural onsens to sand onsens, Japan caters to every preference, promising relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deep connection to the natural world. 

After a day of cycling through enchanting villages and lush forests on our Japan cycling tours, unwind in the sublime tranquility of an onsen—it's the perfect end to an incredible journey. 

Cycling Taroko Gorge, Taiwan 

The best way to experience the majesty of Taroko Gorge is by bicycle. As you pedal along the winding road, you're surrounded on all sides by towering limestone cliffs blanketed in lush greenery.

The Liwu River rushes alongside, its crystal blue waters contrasting beautifully with the deep green hues of the jungle-clad mountains.  

As you cycle, make sure to stop frequently to take in the views. Gaze upward in awe at the soaring rock faces, some over 3,000 feet (about 914.4 m) high. Coast through tunnels carved right through the mountains, emerging on the other side to a new breathtaking scene.  

Hop off your bike at one of the riverside lookouts, which are the perfect spot for photos of the dramatic gorge. Let your eyes follow the Liwu River as it winds through the valley below, fed by streams flowing down from the gorge's heights. 

Peek at the lineup of our Taiwan cycling tours and discover how travelling by bike allows you to fully immerse yourself in the landscape. 

Hiking Little Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka 

The majestic Little Adam's Peak provides incredible vistas overlooking lush tea plantations near Ella in Sri Lanka. The hike up Little Adam's Peak is moderately challenging, but the panoramic views from the summit make it all worthwhile.  

The cool mountain air at the top provides a refreshing reprieve after the ascent. And looking out over rolling hills blanketed in tea plants, you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment.  

After taking in the views, stop at a local plantation to sample Ceylon tea grown right in the surrounding hills. The tea tastes incredible after a hike, with floral notes and a smooth finish.  

With views this stunning, it's no wonder Little Adam's Peak is considered one of the top hikes in the country. Explore Sri Lanka from handlebar height on our cycling tours.  

Snorkeling in Bali 

In the cozy village of Tulamben, just off the peaceful northeastern coast of Bali, you'll find a diver's dream with spectacular underwater landscapes. 

As you slip into the clear blue waters, you'll be met with schools of tropical fish in a kaleidoscope of colors – yellow, blue, and orange. Keep an eye out for giant clams nestled on the seafloor and the occasional sea turtle gliding by. 

The top highlight is exploring the Liberty shipwreck, now covered in coral and home to thousands of fish. Swimming through the remnants of the sunken cargo ship is an eerie and fascinating experience. As you float over the encrusted railings and peer inside the broken hull, it's a poignant reminder of Bali's role in WWII's Pacific theater. 

Put on a helmet, ride through quaint villages, sweep by vast rice fields, and discover the hidden side of Bali away from the usual tourist paths on our cycling tours

Walking Food Tour in Saigon, Vietnam 

No visit to Vietnam would be complete without a walking food tour. And it’s no exception in the chaos of Saigon. As you weave through the bustling streets, the symphony of motorbikes and sizzling woks welcome you to Vietnam's largest metropolis.  

Sip on a cup of ca phe sua da (Vietnamese coffee topped with sweetened condensed milk), crunch into a banh mi (the famous sandwich stacked with meats, pâté, pickled veggies, and fresh herbs), and sample goi cuon (translucent spring roll wrappers encasing shrimp, pork, rice vermicelli, and mint).  

With an abundance of delightful dishes to try in Saigon, the best way to truly soak in the culinary scenery is on foot. Explore more with our guided Vietnam cycling tours, designed to give you the richest tastes and sights both on and off the bike! 

Hike Mount Aso Volcano in Japan 

The hike up Mount Aso Volcano is a journey into a lost world. As you make your way up the gentle slopes, the air becomes crisper and the vegetation changes from forests to scrubby bushes. In the distance, plumes of smoke rise from the volcano's crater. When you reach the top rim of the crater, an otherworldly landscape unfolds before your eyes.  

The massive crater stretches over 25 km wide and is filled with volcanic cones and churning vents emitting sulfurous steam. The landscape is constantly shifting as new cones slowly form and old ones erode.  

One moment you are taking in the vast scale of the crater, the next your eye catches tiny details like colorful volcanic rocks and deposits. Hiking around the crater rim, you get different perspectives of this dynamic volcano that is still active.  

Experience more of Japan's natural wonders on our Japan cycling tours

Cycling Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

Biking through the ancient temple ruins of Angkor Wat is a magical experience that transports you back in time. As you follow the quiet jungle trails, passing under enormous stone archways and gazing up at the intricate carvings of gods and demons on the temple walls, you can't help but feel a sense of wonder.  

With each turn of your bike wheels, a new temple comes into view, even more impressive than the last. The scale is staggering - these structures were built to awe visitors in the 12th century Khmer

Empire, and they still manage to dazzle travelers today. The sounds of the forest fade away as you pedal through the stone corridors, imagining what life was like for the kings and citizens who once walked these same paths.    

Angkor Wat is a place that exceeds expectations, and seeing it from the seat of a bike makes it all the more memorable. Explore our Cambodia tours and cycle through Cambodia's ancient wonder

Trekking and Bamboo Rafting in Vietnam 

Best done in the morning, begin your day with a morning walk leading to Ban Cong, a charming village nestled amid emerald landscapes. The mist hangs low over the towering limestone peaks as you follow a winding path through the lush jungle.  

In Ban Cong village, the morning market is beginning to bustle. Vendors call out prices for colorful fruits and vegetables while shoppers barter animatedly. The aroma of freshly baked goods might draw you into a small bakery where you can sample some local delicacies.  

Make your way down to the river where traditional bamboo rafts await, handmade by the villagers from materials gathered in the jungle. Climb aboard and find your balance before the rafters propel you forward into the shimmering green waters.   

You will be treated to views of the jungle sweeping up the hill slopes, buttress tree roots grip the banks while vines cascade down, and brightly colored birds dart among the trees  

To experience more of Vietnam's treasures, from bustling cities to jungle villages, join one of our Vietnam cycling tours

Cycling Taiwan's East Rift Valley 

Escape the bustle of Taiwan's cities and head to the island's scenic heartland, the East Rift Valley. This enchanting lost world of lush green rice paddies, tropical fruit orchards, hot springs and tribal villages is best explored by bike. 

Ride quiet backroads through the valley, taking in the views of rolling hills and endless green fields. Pass farmers tending their crops and locals going about their daily routines. Stop to chat with friendly villagers and sample fresh tropical fruit at local markets.

The valley is home to indigenous communities who welcome visitors to experience their culture. See their traditional slate houses and learn about their ancient customs passed down through generations. Marvel at the Rukai tribeswomen's intricate facial tattoos and traditional woven garments.   

And at the end of your day, soak away the days’ activities in one of the numerous hot springs.  

Come to Taiwan and experience the depth and breadth of the country on a Taiwan cycling tour

Making Washi Paper in Japan 

In a little remote village in the hills outside Yusuhara, on the island of Shikoku, you can learn how to make handmade washi paper from a world-renowned artist. Your instructor is one of the few remaining master papermakers in the area, which is known for its high-quality paper.  

He’ll take you through the fascinating history of Japanese papermaking, which originated in China and came to Japan over 1,000 years ago. Washi is made using the inner bark of the gampi tree, mitsumata shrub, and mulberry. It involves a lengthy process of steaming and drying the fibers, mixing them with water, and pressing the pulp onto screens to form sheets.  

The washi master will show you how to collect organic materials from the area to make our own unique designs. It’s so interesting to see everyone’s creative visions come to life as you marvel at the finished designs.  

Embrace the ancient art and leave with a piece of Japan's heritage in your hands on our Japan cycling tours

Your Next Adventure 

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we hope this dive into some of Asia's top active travel experiences has inspired you to embark on your own adventure.  

With so many exciting options across the region, the hardest part is narrowing down where to go first! But you really can't go wrong. Each location promises beautiful scenery, cultural immersion, and the chance to challenge yourself physically. 

If you're ready to start planning your active Asia vacation, browse our cycling tours to find your perfect match. With two decades of experience leading active travel tours, our experts will ensure your trip exceeds your expectations.

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