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Adventure Tours That Include Everyone

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Adventure Tours That Include Everyone

ChristieBy Christie   Posted 18th Mar 2021

India Bike and Boat group

Maybe one of you is invigorated by cycling the backroad trails, while your partner prefers exploring historical architecture and the local markets. Have you been considering a family cycling trip but some members aren't so keen to spend it on two wheels? We've curated our Bike & Boat tours to fit dynamics just like this and created adventure tours that include everyone. The resulting guest responses are overwhelmingly positive. Photo above: Mixed group on our India - Bike & Boat the Brahmaputra tour

Factors like the addition of a dedicated non-rider guide, the convenience of a floating hotel, and the option of an e-bike's extra boost, all contribute to a highly flexible tour. There's no missing out, only an emphasis on activities you each enjoy most. Here are a few of the ways you all can be equally delighted on the same Grasshopper tour.

Guides and Guests on Bike and Boat tours
Guests and dedicated guides on Mekong Bike & Boat (left) and India Bike and Boat the Brahmaputra (right)

Dedicated Non-Rider Tour Guide

As always, our local guides are exceptionally informed and passionate about sharing their home culture. The non-rider guide focuses specifically on leading your discovery and exploration in activities off-trail and in the towns and cities. Any special visits the cyclists make, non-riders will meet up to join as well. All of this paired with the fun and easy-going personalities, typical to our guides.

Toum Tiouv cruise ship on the Mekong delta
We embark on the Toum Tiouv along the Mekong Delta, from Vietnam to Cambodia

Floating Hotel

The charming cruise ships that accompany our Bike & Boat trips are a special factor in comfort and flexibility. While the riders commence their next riding adventure, the ship maneuvers along the river to the next meetup point. This allows non-riders the alternative of lounging on deck with a drink and a book, enjoying the passing scenery. The boat crews are comfortably hospitable, ready to take your order, schedule a massage, or leave you space to relax.

Sculpting and mask-making activities
Learning from Sculptor workshops in Cambodia and Mask-making shops in India

Flexibility to Ride or Not

All riders have full flexibility to join the ride on particular days, only for partial routes, or pass altogether. A support vehicle is never far away from the cycling route and ready to meet up at a moment's notice. You can be whisked away to your hotel or on to another activity.

E-bike on Cambodia bike tourOur choices are top-quality e-bikes, specifically suited to the terrain

E-bike Power

This fantastic invention has changed the game in cycle touring. You can go farther, and experience more with less effort. Every pedal gets a significant boost, up to three levels. This makes winding hills and catching up to the group after stopping for that great picture, a piece of cake. Get to the destinations with plenty of energy left for really taking in the place and culture. Needless to say, this can make a ride that seems daunting to a non-rider, a real possibility. The E-bike is a great equalizer - allowing riders with different levels of ability to maintain the same pace. Read more on why E-bikes are a fantastic option.

Jan Maxine and Mekong B&B groupJan, Maxine and their guide Chet alongside the full Mekong Bike & Boat group

A Guest Experience

Jan joined our Mekong Bike & Boat tour as a non-riding family member. Her sister and brother-in-law are avid cyclists and have joined multiple Grasshopper tours. Everyone was able to have a fantastic and memorable time. She highly recommends these adventure tours for families with varying interests. She was delighted to share a bit of her perspective with us:

"It was a fun experience for me! I did not feel left out or in any way less of the group. I enjoyed being able to go off sightseeing with our tour guide... It was fun to meet up with the riders at various points throughout the day, sharing snacks and conversations with them as to what we had both seen. There was another non-rider, Maxine, and we hit it off instantaneously! Which was another plus for me in that I had a travel companion as well throughout our days of sightseeing."

RV River Kwai on Thailand Bike & Boat Tour
Thailands Bike & Boat tour cruises along on the RV River Kwai ship

Learn more about our Bike & Boat trips on our website. Adventure in comfort and style along India's Brahmaputra, the Mekong of Vietnam & Cambodia, or on Thailand's River Kwai. Hope to see you and your group soon!





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