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5 Reasons To Join a Cycling Tour in Myanmar

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5 Reasons To Join a Cycling Tour in Myanmar

KatharinaBy Katharina   Posted 17th Oct 2019

When considering travel in Asia, many people don’t know what to expect from Myanmar and why they should choose it as a destination. All I can say is: you should, and now is the best time to visit! As for what you should do, I would recommend joining a cycling tour because it is one of the best things to do in Myanmar! Here’s what you have to look forward to and why you should discover this country by bike.

Because Myanmar is still less-visited than many nearby countries, it is truly a hidden gem. This country features undiscovered wonders, an untouched local lifestyle, authentic experiences and incredibly friendly people!

1. Be more than a spectator

Be part of your surroundings! Exploring Myanmar by car distances you from the country you are passing through, with occasional stops here and there. Instead, if you travel by bike, you become part of local life! Feel the road beneath you as it changes from paved to unpaved and back, soak up all the exotic and unfamiliar smells of plants and flowers as well as the food when you pass villages, exchange smiles and high fives with the village kids as you cycle through their hometowns. Bike travel allows you to interact with locals in a way that most other forms of transportation don’t provide.

Cycle tour in Myanmar

Explore Myanmar on a bike

2. Promote a healthy lifestyle

Cycling is a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle for yourself as well as the communities you pass through. In a developing country like Myanmar, the locals have begun to idolize cars and more advanced ways of getting around. When we pass through towns on our bikes, villagers, especially kids, are wowed and suddenly bikes become cool again. Not to mention the physical benefits you’ll feel!

3. Immerse yourself in Burmese culture

Joining one of our cycling tours in Myanmar is also incredibly rewarding. Not only can you be proud of your cycling achievements, but you will also get the chance to immerse yourself in Burmese culture. Along the way, we make sure to stop at local, family-owned restaurants and support local businesses so you can rest at ease knowing you are helping to make a positive impact.

Cycle tour in Myanmar

Go off the beaten path

4. Travel off the beaten path

Get the chance to visit significant cultural sites such as the temples of Bagan or the pilgrimage destination of Mount Popa. See the famous one-leg fishermen of Inle Lake, or get off the beaten path as you glimpse both remote countryside and the remnants of a colonial world. Cycling in Myanmar allows you to visit the must-sees as well as the hidden gems!

Cycling tour in Myanmar

See more of the country on to a bike

5. An intimate journey through the country

Learn what it is like to be in a developing country, far away from the materialistic cultures of the western world. See for yourself the beauty of a genuine smile and excited wave from a small child in the countryside, glimpse the reality of a way of life that continues much the way it has for centuries. Biking makes your adventure about the journey, not just reaching your destination!

These are just a few reasons to explore Myanmar by bike. Feeling inspired? Take a look at our cycle tours in Myanmar and start planning your adventure.




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