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Active Travel Stories, Tips & Destination Highlights

Tales from the Trail – Riding and blogging with Grasshopper Adventures

Prickly pears selection

5 food highlights from arizona

Arizona may be best known for its spectacular red rock formations, but its food is yet another reason to visit the state. With heavy Mexican influence and traditional Native American dishes, the Southwestern cuisines is not to be missed.

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Black Bear in Tongass National Park

Nature & discovery around mendenhall glacier

This masterpiece of nature, the Mendenhall Glacier, is known as one of the most accessible glaciers in North America. The spectacular experience of observing this enormous formation is only the beginning.  Read on for the top highlights of nature and recent discovery around the Mendenhall Glacier! 

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Northern lights Alaska (thumb)

Northern Lights 101: What, where, when, & How

There’s not much that can compete with the mesmerizing show of the Aurora Borealis. What makes it happen? When’s the best time and place to watch the glowing celestial waves? Is it related to temperature, magnetism, pixie dust? Our Brand Ambassador, Steve, has a chat with astrophysicist, Dr. Joe Pesce for some Northern Lights 101…

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Camden Harbor, Maine

Creating the Maine tour

Maine’s outdoors is calling. Do you hear it? I can, all the way from S.E. Asia. A year ago when the idea of creating tours in North America was first being discussed, Maine quickly topped my list. Where else to begin designing a bike tour than with my pal Norman Patry… 

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Sea Kayaking the Coast of Maine

Best Bike tours for casual riders or first-time riders in 2021

Sometimes the cycling mood calls for low-key effort and the ability to slow down and appreciate your surroundings. In other cases, it may be your first bike tour or you are still building the confidence to move from beginner rider to intermediate. Several of our tours are crafted with just this type of adventure in mind.

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Top Active Adventure tour destinations in 2021

The last year has left us all a bit travel-starved, and there were moments for some when even a trip down to the local park was a luxury. So we all deserve a bit of escape, and as the situation gradually improves what better way than to start surveying locations for your next expedition.

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Christie in Bali


From Pennsylvania to Cambodia, with family, friends and nature, Christie shares how she has thoroughly enjoyed connecting with life through active adventure.

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Tasmania’s 7 culinary secrets

The only island state of Australia, Tasmania boasts a variety of factors that have led to internationally acclaimed, excellent foods. These factors include cool climate, excellent geographic location, and lots of patient, slow growth… 

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Mountaintop Sunrise View

Finding Inspiration: Travel Tales From North America

Steve Grace shares his tale of early wanderlust that drew him to explore America. An integral member of the Grasshopper Adventures team, he has drawn on these experiences to inspire his design of our North American tours. Read on for what awaits while exploring a home rediscovered...

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Haines Highway Golden Circuit

The Treasures of haines Highway – Alaska & The Yukon

If you’re exploring Alaska and The Yukon, especially by bike, here are some great reasons why the Haines Highway should be on your route. The Haines Highway has captured many hearts with its grand views of glacial mountains, abundant wildlife and rich history

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Bunya Mountains Landscape View

Crafting a New Tour & Uncovering Hidden Noosa

“We are your fly and flop destination up until now” said Juanita from the Visit Noosa Association. I’d not heard that term used before and I had a short chuckle before she continued. “We are now trying to broaden and deepen the profile of Noosa towards more of an adventure destination

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Wineglass Bay Landscape Tasmania

7 Remarkable Reasons to Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is an island to retreat, where you can connect with the abundance of natural beauty and tap into a unique part of Australian history. The coastline boasts extraordinary rock formations, towering pillars, picturesque bays and unique wildlife. Just inland is

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Dry Tortugas, Florida

hidden treasures and secret beaches of dry tortugas

For an exciting escape during our Everglades to Key West tour, the remote group of islands known as the Dry Tortugas offer a dream-like dip into the past. With hidden treasures and secret beaches and much more, they hold a serenity all their own… 

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Lighthouse Maine USA

3 Historical Lighthouse stories from Maine

In Maine, 65 lighthouses line the rocky coast, each with its own interesting history. Meticulous logs written by the keepers, hold record of over a century of details. Many tell stories of struggle through structure disrepair and hard seasons. Often they shared the triumphs of rescue

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Yabba Creek

Why you should visit the Noosa Everglades

A place known for its extensive wildlife and highly reflective surface waters, the stunning Noosa Everglades is simply a sensory delight to experience. The water system of the Noosa River runs for 60km from the Upper Noosa River catchment area, down through the Lake Cootharaba

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Hiking view Australia active travel

9 Reasons why Active Travel Should be on your bucket list

We keep hearing it, from every side, in anything we listen to or read that was written since the third month of 2020, things are going to be different after COVID-19. Well, maybe some more than others, but if there is anything that is set to boom, it’s active travel. A combination of a surge

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