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Day Bike Tours FAQs

Find out about safe travel with our team in 2020-2021



Foreign countries, new equipment, different riding conditions, exotic food, trip preparation, safety…

We know touring abroad often comes with a whole host of important questions, so for your convenience we’ve assembled our most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers below.

Are there discounts and promotions?

Can I get a discount?

Our tours are carefully priced without big margins, so we generally are not able to offer discounts. While it’s true that you may find cheaper tours run by other operators in the region, we find that the old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in the case of bicycle touring in Asia. Several years ago our company made a conscious decision to move away from budget tours so we can offer higher quality tours and services to ensure that our guests enjoy a truly exceptional experience. You’ll find that we offer a high level of value for each dollar spent, demonstrated by our well-maintained bicycles and vehicles; rigorously trained guides, mechanics and drivers; comfortable accommodation; high quality meals; and careful logistical organization & safety procedures.

In addition, we make a point of compensating all of our team members fairly. Although many tour companies take advantage of cheap labor available in Asian countries in order to offer more competitive prices, here at Grasshopper we prioritize making a positive impact in the communities we’re operating in. This means paying livable wages to our staff as well as offering small donations to communities and projects that allow us to come visit on tour.

This all being said, there are times that we are able to find some cost savings and offer an especially great deal

Can I get a discount for booking more than 1 tour?

A loyalty program is currently being developed and is on its way! Stay tuned.

Are there discounts for children?

Children 12 years or younger get 20% off our standard tour price. If your child is 6 or younger, please be in touch to see if further discounts are possible!

Are there discounts for large groups?

Please be in touch to see if we can extend a special offer.

What are the current promotions?

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on current promotions and opportunities for savings!

Booking Options

How do I book a tour?

You can book our tours directly through the website by clicking the date of departure you’d like or the “Book this tour” button at the top right hand side of the page. Once we receive and process your information, a Grasshopper team member will be in touch within one business day to confirm availability and your booking, provide additional tour and travel details, and talk you through your payment options.

When is the last day I can book?

Our deadlines vary from tour to tour, but we can usually accommodate last minute bookings. In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book at least 24 hours in advance. You can always change your booking later if needed.

Will my trip run?

You will receive a confirmation email soon after booking. If for some reason we are not able to confirm your booking, we will inform you on the status of your booking.

What if I am the only person booking?

You will be informed at the time of booking if you are the only person booking and your tour requires a minimum number to guarantee departure. Many of our day tours have a guaranteed departure with 1 person.

Can I request changes to a tour? Can I customize a tour?

Whether you’d like to slightly tweak a standard tour or dream up something completely different, we are well-equipped to design a custom itinerary perfectly tailored to your interests. We can include as much or as little cycling as you’d like and we have plenty of off-bike activity options to bring into the mix: kayaking, walking tours, cooking classes, hiking, food tours, cruises, ziplining, and more! Please reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly with some ideas!

Do you do corporate or school events?

Yes, we do. We have worked with a variety of corporate, clubs and school groups for very rewarding experiences.

How to I pay for a tour?

You have the option to either pay via credit card through a secure payment link – no hidden fees! – or via direct bank transfer.

Can I pay in cash or by bank transfer?

Yes, we can usually arrange for cash or bank transfer payments on a case by case basis. Please contact the reservation staff for details.

Can I walk-in and book a tour?

Yes, you can. Many of customers book in the shop and some even walk-in and book at the last moment. But we do not recommend this because if the tour is full, you may be disappointed.

How many people will be on my bike tour?

Depending on the tour the maximum size for a joining tour is from 6 – 10 people.

Can I book a private tour?

We can always make any of our itineraries private for parties of 2 or more. If you’d like to avoid the dynamics of an open group and allow for maximum flexibility (perhaps even some itinerary modifications), this option is always there for you for an additional cost.

If I change my mind after I book, can I transfer my booking to another tour?

In many cases, yes, if you wish to change your booking to another tour, please contact our reservation staff.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

You can find our booking & cancellation policies here. We do always try to be flexible with these policies when possible. Contact the reservation staff at the location of your booking.

How do I stay safe?

Are the tour guides trained in safety and first aid?

All Grasshopper Adventures guides travel with a phone for making or receiving emergency calls. Our guides also have first aid and safety training and we carry a full first aid kit on all tours. There will also be a safety briefing before the start of each tour. 

If you want to, bring:

  • ibuprofen or paracetamol
  • plasters and blister kit
  • anti‐diarrhea tablets
  • antihistamines
  • muscle rub or Tiger Balm
  • required medications
  • knee braces (if needed)
  • antimalarials (if needed)
Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, you are required to wear a helmet for safety. If you choose not to wear a helmet, you may ask you to sign an accident waiver and be advised that, in the case of an accident, insurance may not cover any claims.

What happens if my bike breaks down?

Your guide will have tools and basic spares in his bag and can take care of the most common problems. If necessary, if the guide can call the team at the shop for help or to bring a new bike.

Should we bring some little gifts such as pencils for local children?

It is great to hear that you are interested in giving some supplies to local children. But we actively discourage handing out supplies direct to kids. It creates a pattern where kids are relying on tourists for supplies and look to tourists as ‘money’. If you want to donate, we can facilitate your meeting with village libraries, monastic schools or the principal of a government village school where your donations can be distributed.

Also, if possible, we encourage you to make all your purchases at local businesses to support the economy and local families.

Meeting points

How can I get to the Grasshopper Adventures tour meeting point?

First of all check if your tour has a pick-up. If not, then you will need to go to a meeting point, which is most cases in a Grasshopper Adventures Bikes Tours shop.

Grab Taxi is our recommended  ride sharing app for the region. Grab is available in all of our locations except for Bagan and Inle Lake. Download and then enter the shop location you want to visit, click book and the taxi will pick you up at your current location and bring you there.

If you are not using Grab Taxi or the service is not available then Google Maps will give you directions to each of our locations with the transportation options available locally.

Chiang Mai
Siem Reap
Phnom Penh
Saigon Meeting Point for customers outside the city center
Hoi an
Bagan Only hotel pick ups in at this location
Inle Lake
Bearing BTS Meeting Point In Bangkok
What if I am late for the tour?

Call us and let us know. If we can, we will wait for you. But if not, then we might reschedule your tour for a different time.

What happens if it rains?

We are prepared to ride in the rain, as it can be quite refreshing in warm tropical weather! We will not cancel a tour due to rain unless there is flooding. You can wear a poncho or the guide might find a nice place to relax while you wait out the shower. Note that rain is very localized. Just because it is raining at your hotel does not mean that it will be raining where you will cycle.

While on tour

What should I wear on the tour?

We recommend you wear light, comfortable clothing with a hat to keep the sun off your head.  For footwear, we recommend closed shoes or sports sandals for maximum protection and control during your tour.  For safety reasons, we ask that we not wear flip-flops or baggy, billowing pants. To protect yourself from the sun,wear sun sleeves, sunblock and sunglasses.

For tours entering temples or mosques, you will be required to cover you shoulders and your knees. Bring a wrap and a sarong along if you like cycling in shorts and with bare shoulders and still want to enter the holy places respectfully.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, you are required to wear a helmet for safety and we will provide a fitting one for you. If you choose not to wear a helmet, you will be asked to sign an accident waiver and be advised that, in the case of an accident, insurance will not cover any claims. 

What happens if my bike breaks down?

Your guide will have tools and basic spares in his bag and can take care of the most common problems. If necessary, if the guide can call the team at the shop for help or to bring a new bike. 

Do I have to know how to ride a bike to join a tour?

Yes, you need to be comfortable riding a bike. However, most of our tours are not physically demanding or very technical. Our customers range in age and ability from toddlers to 80 year olds. Each tour page shows a level and explains what skills are required.

Do not try to learn how to ride a bike on the day of the tour.

Can I leave my bags with you while I go on tour?

Yes, you can. We have a safe place to keep your bag while you are out riding with us.

Do I need to bring water?

No, we provide all drinks and snacks on the tour. If you need more water, just ask your guide to refill your complimentary refillable bottle.

What language is spoken on tour?

All of our tour guides are English speaking guides. Of course, our guides can speak their own local language and in some cases we may have guides who can speak another language such as Russian, Spanish or French. But this the exception, we can always guarantee that you will have an English speaking guide.

What is the food like?

What is the food provided on tours?

We know that part of the adventure of traveling is trying local cuisine. Local food is an important part of our tours, and we are always looking for exciting and typical things to eat. To the best of our ability will choose safe and reliable establishments and cater to your specific food requirements.

What if I cannot eat meat or gluten? What if I have food allergies? Will there be vegetarian choices?

Let us know at the time of booking and we will be sure to make a note. We can accommodate all types of dietary restrictions and do it all the time. Do not sweat it if you are a vegetarian, eat halal or have food allergies. We will take care of you.

Also be sure to let remind your guide at the beginning of the tour.

What is included? What’s not?

What is included on a Day Tours?
  • High-quality bike and helmet
  • Children’s equipment
  • An experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking local guide
  • Transfers during the tour, including any train tickets or boat rides mentioned in the itinerary
  • Snacks or meals mentioned on the tour page
  • Complimentary Grasshopper Adventures water bottle
Should I tip the guide?

Please note there is no tipping requirement for your Grasshopper guide, driver, and support crew, but if you felt you received excellent service from your team we suggest: 10% tour price per customer for our day tours.

What is not included on a tour?
  • Insurance (apart from tours ran in Bangkok)
  • Visas
  • Drinks other than water
  • Expenses of a personal nature (massages, laundry…)
  • Tips for the guide and support crew (optional)
  • Pick-up and Drop off (for some tours)
  • Special equipment like soft saddles and clip pedals
Do I need to have travel insurance?

With the exception of our day tours in Bangkok where medical insurance is included, we do not provide that service. It is advised that you procure travel insurance that includes comprehensive medical treatment and evacuation in the case of an emergency when traveling.

Bikes & Equipment

What type of bikes does Grasshopper use?

All of our tours include high quality, well-maintained bikes in a full range of sizes and with a wide gear range to help you on any climbs. Set up for touring, our bikes are perfectly fitted-out & suited to the distances and terrain we cover. A wide gear range to help you on any climbs and removable mudguards in case we encounter wet conditions. You may find the specific bikes we use in each country below.

Please visit our Bikes & Equipment page to know which bikes we use in each country.

Does Grasshopper have bikes for kids and baby seats?

We have equipment for children of all ages. We have baby seats for children up to 40 kg. Bike trailers ( tag-alongs and weehoos) for children you may be able to ride but do not have the stamina or may need supervision. For children 6 years and up we have bikes they can ride independently. If older children are not able to safely ride a bike independently, please be advised that they may not be allowed to join the tour.

Can I bring my own pedals and saddle?

Our bikes come with standard, flat pedals. If you would like, you are welcome to bring your own pedals and we can fit them when you start the tour. Keep in mind we do not recommend road cycling shoes with protruding cleats – only those with recessed cleats. If you are particularly comfortable on your own saddle, you may also bring your own and we will fit it on.

Can I request a tandem bike?

Unfortunately we do not offer tandem bikes.

Can I bring my own bike?

If you are interested in bringing along your own bike, please contact our team and let us know what type of bike it is so we can confirm if it is suitable for the tour’s riding conditions.


What is the weather like during your travel period?

The climates we ride through vary from the cold winds of the Himalayan mountains to the tropics of Southeast Asia. In all destinations there are prime times to travel. The best weather generally overlaps peak tourist season, so everything from flights to accommodation can be more expensive at these times. Below is some basic information on the best times to travel to the regions where we offer tours, and the type of weather you can expect throughout the year.

For more specific weather information, refer to our travel guides for CambodiaThailand, Myanmar and Vietnam.

What is the weather in Southeast Asia like?

Though weather will vary somewhat from country to country, Southeast Asia is generally hot, 30C̊ (85°F) or higher throughout the year. December to January are the coolest months, but this is also the peak tourist season. In Laos, upper Myanmar, and Northern Vietnam, temperatures can fall below 10 C̊ (50 °F) at times during the winter. November and February are a bit hotter, but there are far fewer tourists around. March to May are hot, but coastal Vietnam & Thailand are quite enjoyable at this time due to the ocean breezes. June to September or October is the rainy season. Many people try to avoid the rains, but actually the wet season can be a great time to travel in Southeast Asia. The fields turn green with young rice, the rivers are flowing again and the heat and haze of the dry season are replaced with fresh, clear air. During the rainy season, rain tends to come in short and heavy bursts during the late afternoon and at night. A bit of rain can actually comes as a welcome relief while you are riding.

Passport & Visa

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport with at least 6 months validity and enough visa pages for all of the countries you will be visiting.

How do I get a visa for Cambodia?

For most nationalities, Cambodian visas are easy to obtain on arrival at a Cambodian border crossing or an international airport. The cost is US$30 and you will need one passport photo. If you do not have a passport photo you will be charged $1 – $2 USD. E-visas are now an option here, but these are only valid at international airports and certain border crossings including the Poipet border point with Thailand. If you are crossing at the Phsar Prom border point you cannot use E-visas.

Do I need to get a visa for Thailand?

Citizens of 42 countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, most of Western Europe, UK and Ireland, Israel and many countries in the Middle East, Brazil, Peru, and most of Asia do not need to obtain a visa in advance of travelling to Thailand. You will receive a 30 day entry visa on arrival at any international airport or 15 days if arriving via a land border. Twenty other nationalities can apply for a 15 day visa on arrival in Thailand. Everyone else needs to apply in advance.

Do I need to get a visa for Myanmar?

Like many things in Myanmar, the visa situation is undergoing changes. Please check online for the latest developments. As of 2018, e-visas are now accepted at Yangon, Naypyidaw and Mandalay airports and overland crossings. These e-visas are available for citizens from 43 countries and are relatively efficient and cost-effective. You can apply online here: http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/. Some Asian nationalities (including Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam) no longer require visas.

Do I need a Visa?

With the exception of Bhutan, it is your responsibility to arrange and cover the cost of your visas (we can assist with Vietnamese visas for a fee). Visas can be purchased on arrival in certain countries, but generally must be arranged in advance of your trip. A travel agent can help arrange your visas and travel documents, or you can arrange them yourself through a local embassy or consulate. Be sure to read the information provided below on visa procedures in each of the countries we visit.

Do I need to get a visa for Vietnam in advance?

Yes, Vietnamese visas must be obtained in advance of your travel through an embassy or consulate. If you are arriving in Vietnam through an airport, there is an online visa on arrival application process, however various online services may charge different fees. When you apply online your name will be placed on a pre-approved list for obtaining a visa on arrival at any international airport.

Be sure to submit your online application at least 30 days before your arrival date and bring a copy of your approval letter. On arrival in Vietnam, you will receive your visa and pay a stamping fee of $25 USD. Vietnam’s visas are strict, including specifying arrival date. Please ensure that your Vietnam visa starts on or before the date you will cross the border into Vietnam. Online e-visas are not valid for land border crossings. 

Bangkok FAQs

Is it safe to ride a bicycle in Bangkok?

Yes, just as safe as it is to ride a bicycle anywhere. Our bike guides have years of experience guiding customers through the streets of Bangkok. They are well trained in safe guiding skills and our routes are well researched for maximum safety. Safety is our #1 priority. Just follow us and we will show you a good time.  Here is a link to our blog on safe cycling in Bangkok.

Does my tour visit main tourist sites in Bangkok?

It is our pride and joy to show you a different side of Bangkok. We want to show you the community life of Bangkok away from the major tourist sites. But, yes, many of our tours do visit sites such as Wat Pho, the Temple of Dawn and the Flower Market but at times of the day when there are few people, Take for example our Bangkok Night Bike Tour . You can be pretty sure that our bike tour will not duplicate your experience from your other visits during your Bangkok stay.

Is it too hot to cycle in Bangkok?

Bikes have built-in air conditioning. So, as long as you are moving, the air is blowing on you. We promise you that a walking tour of Bangkok would feel a lot hotter. We also provide plenty of cold drinks and rest stops along the way.

Do you do pick-ups  in Bangkok?

We only do pick-ups for our van supported tours like Bike Historic Ayutthaya. For all our other tours please note the meeting point of the tour mentioned on the tour page and following the directions on how to get to our office.

Do you rent bikes in Bangkok?

Yes, we do. Please contact the Grasshopper Adventures Bangkok shop for details.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Bangkok?

Grasshopper Adventures – Bangkok Bike Tours
Map https://bit.ly/2CJvF2j

Phone: +66 87 929 5208
Email: cyclethailand@grasshopperadventures.com

Note: street numbers are not overly useful in Thailand as people work more off landmarks and intersections. The best landmark close to us is Sam Yod MRT station.

chiang mai FAQs

What tour do you recommend for families in Chiang Mai?

For families with young children, recommend Bike Historic Old City Chaing Mai. This is a fun and easy ride through the small lanes of the Old City hitting the main highlights. Another fun ride to do if you are wanting a bit of distance and a view of the countryside is the Chiang Mai Nature Ride.

Is the Chiang Mai Countryside by Bike tour hard?

This tour is fairly long at 57 km. But is very achievable for intermediate riders. With many breaks and stops along the way, you have plenty of time to rest and catch your breath before biking the next section. For children riding independently, they will need to have enough stamina to ride for stretches of 10 km at a time and for the whole day.

Do you have pick-ups in Chiang Mai?

Currently we do not offer pick-ups in Chiang Mai. The meeting point for all tours is the Chiang Mai office. We can provide a pick-up on request.

Do you rent bikes in Chiang Mai?

Yes, we have bikes for rent in Chiang Mai. Please contact the Grasshopper Adventures Chiang Mai shop for details.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Chiang Mai?

Grasshopper Adventures –  Chiang Mai Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2HlHscj

87 Bumrung Buri Rd, Prasing, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Phone:+66 61 740 2233

Email: cyclechiangmai@grasshopperadventures.com 

Between Chiang Mai Gate and Wat Sai Moon Burma Temple across from the large Banyan Tree.

Siem Reap FAQs

What is the best tour to visit Angkor Wat?

We always recommend the Angkor Sunrise Discovery tour as the ultimate biking experience in the Angkor Wat Archeological Park. But if getting early is not your cup of tea, then we recommend Bike the Angkor Temples or Angkor at Twilight.

Is it too hot to ride a bicycle to Angkor Wat?

There is no cooler way to visit the Angkor Temple complex. Biking takes you through shaded forests and there is always a breeze on your face.

Is the pass to the Angkor Archaeological Park included in the tour fee?

No, it is not. You will need to buy your own pass to the park. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one upon entry to the Angkor Zone on the tour.

Do you have pick-ups in Siem Reap?

We offer pick-ups for our Angkor Sunrise Discovery Tour. For all other tours the meeting point is at our Siem Reap office.

Do you rent bikes in Siem Reap?

Yes, we do. But we do not always have bikes available. If we don’t, we can give you recommendations about where to rent a bike. Contact our Grasshopper Adventures Siem Reap office for details.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Siem Reap?

Grasshopper Adventures – Siem Reap Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2Hnnm1n

586 Street 26, Siem Reap 17254

Phone: +855 12 462 165
Email: cyclecambodia@grasshopperadventures.com 

Phnom Penh FAQs

Is it safe to ride a bicycle in Phnom Penh?

Yes, statistically it is. Our bike guides are very experienced guiding customers through Phnom Penh. They are well trained in safe guiding skills and our routes are well researched for maximum safety. Safety is our #1 priority.

Does my tour visit the main tourist sites in Phnom Penh?

Our Islands of the Mekong tour is all about the life on the Mekong Islands. If it is popular tourist sites you want to visit, then we recommend our rickshaw tour.

Does Grasshopper Adventures have tours to The Killing Fields or S21 (Toul Sleng)?

No, we do not. Our tours are focused on the future of Cambodia and taking our guests to see the real life of everyday Cambodians. Both The Killing Fields and S21 have excellent audio guides which do a fantastic job at giving you the powerful insight you need to these sites.

Do you have pick-ups in Phnom Penh?

No we don’t offer pick-ups. All of our Phnom Penh tours meet at our Phnom Penh Shop.

Do you rent bikes in Phnom Penh?

Yes,  but rentals are subject to availability. We can make recommendations if we are not able to rent bikes. Contact our Grasshopper Phnom Penh shop for details.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Phnom Penh?

Grasshopper Adventures – Phnom Penh Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2CzqRfA

#23E0 Street 144, Phnom Penh 12204

Phone: +855 12 430 622
Email: cyclecambodia@grasshopperadventures.com

Saigon FAQs

Do you have pick-ups in Saigon?

Both of our Saigon tours offer pick-ups from the city center: Mekong Delta in a Day and Cu Chi Tunnel Boat and Bike .

If your hotel is outside the city center of Saigon will ask you to meet us at the Passio Coffee shop. opposite Bitexco Financial Tower.

Do you rent bikes in Saigon?

No, we do not rent bikes in Saigon shop.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Saigon?

Grasshopper Adventures – Saigon Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2FPzLc7

41/6A Đường Trần Nhật Duật, Tân Định, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Phone: +84 94 670 40 95

Email: cyclevietnam@grasshopperadventures.com

Hoi An FAQs

Do you have pick-ups in Hoi An?

All of our tours in Hoi An meeting our the Grasshopper Adventure shop. If you need a pick-up from Da Nang please contact us to make arrangements.

Do you rent bikes in Hoi An?

No, we do not rent bikes in Hoi An.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Hoi An?

Grasshopper Adventures – Hoi An Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2FEBIJd

621 Hai Ba Trung Street, Side Alley, Hội An 564016, Vietnam
(20 meters up the small alleyway; look for the yellow house behind the gate on the left.)

Phone: +84 932 034 286
Email: hoian@grasshopperadventures.com

bagan FAQs

Do you have pick-ups in Bagan?

Yes, all tours in Bagan have a hotel pick-up.

Do you rent bikes in Bagan?

Yes, we rent bikes in Bagan but availability may be limited. Contact our Grasshopper Adventures shop for details.

Is the Bagan Zone Pass included in the price of the tour?

No, it is not. You will need a Bagan Zone Pass for this tour. These are usually sold as you arrive at the airport or bus station. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one on the day.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Bagan?

Grasshopper Adventures – Bagan Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2FDzWrU

Corner of 3rd Street and Hnin Si Street, New Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Phone: +95 9257 546 905

Email: cyclemyanmar@grasshopperadventures.com

Inle Lake FAQs

Do you have pick-ups in Inle Lake?

Our Mountains and Lake Bike Adventure includes a hotel pick-up. All other tours meet at the Grasshopper Adventures shop.

Do you rent bikes in Inle Lake?

Yes, we rent bikes in Bagan but availability may be limited. Contact our Grasshopper Adventures shop for details.

Is the Inle Lake Zone fee included in the price of the tour

No, it is not. You will need a Inle lake Zone Pass for this tour. These are usually sold at a checkpoint as you arrive in the town of Nyaungshwe. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one on the day.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Inle Lake (Nyaungshwe)?

Grasshopper Adventures – Inle Lake Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2CBXeKA

Phaung Daw Pyan Rd, Nyaungshwe, Myanmar (Burma)

Phone: +95 977 577 3435

Email: cyclemyanmar@grasshopperadventures.com

Mandalay FAQs

Do you have pick-ups in Mandalay?

No, all tours in Mandalay meet in the Grasshopper Adventures shop.

Do you rent bikes in Mandalay?

Yes, we do. BIke rentals are subject to availability. Contact the Grasshopper Adventures Mandalay Shop for details.

Is the Mandalay Zone fee included in the price of the tour

No, it is not. None of the sites we visit on our tours are included in the Mandalay Zone fee. You do not need to buy a pass for our tours.

Where is the Grasshopper Adventures Bike Tour shop in Mandalay?

Grasshopper Adventures – Mandalay Bike Tours

Map: https://bit.ly/2sLENil

Parami Lane, between Streets 25 & 26 and Streets 58 & 59 Mahar Zayyar Bon Quarter, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

Phone: +95 94 0265 9886 

Email: cyclemyanmar@grasshopperadventures.com

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us directly.